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Tracy Nailz’ Mint Ombre Gold Bling Acyrlic Nails

Mint ombre acrylic nails

Ombre literally means shaded in Frech – know you now!

The word “mint” can mean many things. For me, it’s that stuff that makes your breath smell better. Well, that’s usually what most people associate mint with.

Of course, mint is also a color. In case you don’t know, a mint color is a very bright, almost fluorescent type of green. If you’re not a fan of things that attract too much attention, I would suggest staying away from this color, but that’s just me.

If you like the color mint, though, and you want your nails to stand out a bit. Then you should check out these mint ombre acrylic nails by Tracy Nailz.

woman painting nails

Tracy Nailz certainly knows a thing or two about stand-out nails, and she has pulled it off again with these mint ombre acrylic nails. The after bling cements the look!

That might be a long name to swallow, so we’ll just call them mint ombre nails.

neon acrylic nails

For all the nails, the base color is the same, that being the mint ombre I mentioned about 6 times before. I know, my vocabulary is very rich. Just bear with me.

Anyways, Tracy paints one of her fingernails black, and each nail is decorated differently, with a different black-colored pattern and different “gold bling”.

We think these nails will stand out in a crowd, and if standing out is your thing, then check out how these nails are done:

Source:Tracy Nailz

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