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Miracles Are Happening Everywhere Around Us!


That someone is watching over us and that miracles do happen was proven yet again! Naomi Facey, from Russel, New Zealand, was a new mommy-to-be when she unexpectedly went into labor two weeks before the due date.She and her partner Neil Bolton were on a trip together, when the situation happened. The savior of the day, and more importantly of the baby’s life, was Sue Bree who called the emergency services. She was a nurse who got on a ferry from Opua to New Zealand to help during the delivery of the baby.   What she actually did was keep her hand inside the mother’s birth canal for a whole ninety minutes.

The mommy-to-be Naomi noticed a bit of her umbilical cord was hanging out. Knowing that she had suffered a prolapsed cord, it was very risky for the unborn baby.


Mr Bolton told the NZ Herald: ‘Luckily we run into Ms. Bree who advised my wife how to keep the baby’s weight off the cord. At that time I was dialing 111.’

As Ms. Facey was trying to keep the baby from suffocating, Ms. Bree was using her hand to keep the child from getting caught in the cord. With her other hand, she called an obstetrician at Whangarei Hospital and used Ms. Facey’s bottom to hold the device.

A fireman came to the house to take Ms. Facey to the nearby school, where an air ambulance was waiting to take her to the hospital for a cesarean section.


In the hospital, Ms. Facey gave birth to a healthy baby girl Emilia (left).


Ms. Facey with her partner Neil Bolton enjoying their time together.

When the baby was delivered healthy, Ms. Bree concluded: ‘If you are religious, now is the time to start praying and believe in miracles.’ Ms. Facey also expressed her gratitude towards Ms. Bree: ‘I don’t know that they’ll ever know how grateful we are. Words can’t express it.’


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