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Mirror effect wedding, twins marry twins



If you have a feeling that this is a photoshopped with mirror effect picture of a happily married couple, you are wrong.   Don’t be fooled with the identical faces and  wedding dresses. They are two identical twins couples who married on the same day. Selami and Resul Kızılay 27-year-old  crane operators from the Kahramanmaras province in southern Turkey decided to officialize they love with the 21-year-old  twin sisters Hilal and Zeynep Karahan.

“We were surprised when both asked for our hand in marriage from our families. They won our approval for being twins,” Hilal Karahan said. The tween sisters were maybe suprized, but the brothers are explaining that it was a destiny because they were inseparable since they were born.

“We grow up together in the same neighbourhood, our houses are next to each other, we went to school together, we sat in the same row and we even served in the same unit during compulsory military service wich is obligatory in our state. We always took care of each other,” said  Resul Kızılay.

The couples are planning to live happily ever after in the famous for the locally produced “Maras” ice cream, Kahramanmaras province.



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