Miss Anand Gives Us Five Super Easy Hair Styles!

Miss Anand Gives Us Five Super Easy Hairstyles!


The wonderful Shruti Ajrun Anand introduces us to her five effortless hairstyles. Shruti has been a YouTube vlogger since 2010. There are several sections on her official website. She does makeup tutorials, fashion and lifestyle advice and reviews, skin care and product review, hair care and also henna tattoos!

Let’s take a look at the hairstyles ideas!


Create a parting on the one side. Take one section from the top, the one on the opposite side. Take another one and twist them together in a kind of swirl strand. Separate the hair from the crown area and fasten it on one side with a clip. Tug some hair out from the twist swirl. Now secure the strand in the back by criss-crossing bobby pins. Remove the hair clip from that major hair part that we fastened previously and let it fall over the swirl. And your first hairstyle is done!

Hair Styles 1


Transfer all your hair on one side. Divide it into three equal strands. Create a three-strand braid by taking the left strand in the center, then the right one in the center, etc. Repeat the pattern till you’re done with braiding. Secure it with an elastic band. Tug some hair out to make it look more natural!

Hair Styles 2


Leaving a gap of one inch, take a one to two-inch section from the top, divide it into three equal strands and start braiding your hair. While doing the same pattern as the one above, incorporate one strand after another from the strands near your hairline. Refer to the video to see how Shruti is doing it. Once there is no more hair left near the hairline, keep on braiding until you’ve completed a braid! Secure the braid with a clear elastic band. Separate some hair from the crown area with a hairclip. Consequently, secure the braid in the back using bobby pins. Remove the strand that you’ve secured previously. The third hairstyle is done!

Hair Styles 3


The next style is an extension to the previous one. Take a one-inch section from behind the ear on both sides. Keep your hair on one side and grab both of the sections together. Smooth them out and secure them with a clear elastic band. This way, you will fasten the rest of your hair and make it look quite witty and quirky.

Hair Styles 4


Create a parting on the side. Take a one-inch section from one side and secure it with a hair clip at the very opposite side. Take another adjacent one-inch section and divide it into three equal parts. Start braiding. Secure the braid with a pin just temporarily. Remove the hair clip and repeat the same process with the hair strand that you kept secured on the opposite site of your head. Once you are done, secure it! Repeat the same procedure with two more braids on the opposite side of the first two. Next, hold both the braids from each side and take them back to meet at the bottom of your crown. Secure the two braids in a ponytail. Flip the ponytail towards the face. Take a one-inch section from the crown area and flip the ponytail towards the back.

Hair Styles 5

It will come under that strand. The final result is that the elastic band where the two braids meet is hidden beneath a strand of hair. That’s the end of your fifth look!

Source:Shruti Arjun Anand

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