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Is Miss Russia A Doppelganger Of Miss Universe 1961?


Did you think beauty contests are boring and not interesting at all? Then, let us tell you what happened, just days after the Miss Russia 2017 contest this year. The beauty contest event happened April 15 and went pretty smoothly, except for one thing. The winner has something in common with Miss Universe 1961. They look like the same person, at least outwards!

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Polina Popova, the blonde beauty from the Sverdlovsk Oblast region was crowned Miss Russia 2017 and beat 49 other girls. There was nothing interesting enough until beauty contest fans noticed something extraordinary. Polina Popova’s face and looks were very similar to yet another contestant, from the far 1961. Their similarities were numerous.

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Ms. Popova resembles the German Marlene Schmidt, who won the Miss Universe contest in 1961. Netizen ‘French_Annie’ is one of the fans who noticed the great similarity. What makes their resemblance striking is their face shape and delicate chin. Furthermore, their smiles and eyebrows are almost identical! If you were to see them in a picture, you could easily mistake them for the same person.

‘French_Annie’ said: “They do look alike. Even their teeth are the same shape.” How can this be possible? Are they distant relatives?

It is a pure coincidence after all.

M. Popova has finally colored Russia blonde, after ten years of brown hair winners. Forty-nine other participants aged 18-23 were a part of the beauty contest, which was the 25th one held in Russia. The 21-year-old beauty will now represent her country at the Miss World and  Miss Universe competitions later this year.

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Marlene Schmidt is the only German contestant who has ever won Miss Universe. She married the actor Ty Hardin and had a daughter with him, but they divorced. Marlene also worked as an actor, producer, and a writer in the movie industry for many years.


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