You Miss Summer? 5 Super Cool Ideas For Room Decor To Make You Feel Warm


Andrea from AndreasChoice is one of the most beautiful people on Youtube and posts some of the best, most inspirational videos. Last minute Halloween costumes, or winter beauty routines, she does everything with an air of quirkiness and simplicity that makes her charming.

We enjoyed watching her apartment tour, but the most fun to watch are her DIY videos, and she has so many, you might find yourself watching for hours. Her tutorials are always easy and she makes them look so simple.

So shall we try this one? It’s getting cold outside, but that’s not a reason to keep the cold inside as well. Inside our homes, we can create a tropical paradise and for those of you who love summer, this is the perfect DIY project.

Leave fall to the people obsessed with leaves and Uggs, and start making your own summer at home.

Source: AndreasChoice

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