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22 Mistakes That Made You Want To Yell, “You Had One Job!”


It’s okay to make mistakes. No matter how hard you try, something will always slip under the radar. As long as you do your best, it doesn’t matter. But when you just don’t care, the problems start. Well, problems for some people, of course, for the rest of us it’s a great source of entertainment and fun for the whole family!

Here is a list of mistakes people made, whether because they thought no-one would notice or because they just couldn’t be bothered.

1. A “window” seat


Well, too bad you ain’t Superman, kid. X-Ray vision for the win!

2. Trolololo


Oh, goody, my delivery is here. Lemme just pop out the window to get it…

3. The locked room mystery


Hmmm, how do I make sure this long, thin, package doesn’t fall over? I know, I’ll just jam it under the door handle! Genius!

4. A whole ‘nother level


Only one floor is currently equipped with telephones. And beware: the second floor button will take you straight to Australia.

5. Puzzles are hard!


Hey, they managed to place three pieces correctly. 50% isn’t half bad…

6. One Punch Man


That is just wrong. No other way to describe this atrocity. Not all the lights were on upstairs, if you know what I mean.

7. No right answers left


It’s okay, it’s not like I was in a hurry anyway…

8. One direction


Two wrongs don’t make a right. But eleven certainly do.

9. People with OCD, brace yourselves


Who cares if the lids are the wrong way around Larry, let’s just wrap this up and go home.

10. Just another brick in the floor


How did this happen? Where did these bricks come from? Not from the gap: they don’t fit in!

11. You want something erased? Say no more.


When you try to fix a mistake and end up ruining everything.

12. Bending over backwards


Hey, did no-one ever tell you to watch where you are going?!

13. This idea is a bit off-center


This stove is completely ruined. Unusable.

14. Check online for a solution


An error has caused Windows to stop working correctly.

15. Peter? Mary? Where are you?


When you get lost in a crowd of strangers.

16. There can be only one


Opening the oven everytime you need to open the drawer would be a pain in the… neck. Time for a new stove, I think.

17. Oh, the pain! Make it stop!


What exactly is the point of you, pencil?

18. Savage!


This is just sick. Why would you do this?

19. Perfect placement


Excellent job, that’s exactly where those were supposed to go. Otherwise, this beautiful gridlike decoration woudn’t have been visible…

20. Don’t tell me what to do


Remember that afternoon drawing the outlines of all your pans? Time well spent.

21. Tall tales


Whose fault is it if you are freakishly tall?

22. Better than cutting them down, I suppose…


There’s not even a semblance of order here. Neither the distance between them is equal, nor is the line they’re on straight.

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