Mix These Two Ingredients You Arleady Have And Your Hair Will Grow Like A Weed

long hair

Every girl’s dream is healthy long and shiny hair. And having such hair is not easy because it takes a lot of patience. We have to wait a long time for hair to grow. But there are two cheap ingredients which can boost hair growth. Probably most of us even have these ingredients in our refrigerator.

On of them is the red onion. There are various scientific studies which have proved that it helps combat hair loss! Red onion juice improves blood flow to the head and therefore accelerates the growth of hair. This Vegetable will increase the collagen production because it is a rich source of sulfur.



What Do You Need?

You don’t need to buy expensive products filled with the chemicals. This natural and healthy  remedy is ideal solution for every budget.



To prepare this remedy you need only these two ingredients.

  • Juice of 3 red onions
  • One tablespoon honey

This is how you can prepare it:

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