This Mixture Will Turn Grey-White Hair To Brown Naturally


Most of us use chemical colors to dye our hair. But have you ever thought of using a healthier alternative? Henna is a natural herbal powder which has been used for centuries.  Besides the coloring effect, it also helps prevents dandruff, and it’s a great good conditioner for your hair too. Henna even speeds up the hair growth.

You can dye your hair with only henna, but the effect will be even better if you mix it with few other ingredients. For the perfect mixture you will need:
Medium size Beetroot
4 Tbls Tea Powder
Iron Pan/Plastic box
Silicone Gloves
Once combined keep this mixture on your hair for about 2 hours, then your hair will be brown and shiny.  In the video, you can find more detailed instructions.

Source:Do It Yourself With Arati


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