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This Model Has So Much Confidence That She Rocks A Full, Natural Unibrow


Did you know that unibrows were actually a highly desirable woman feature on women in Ancient Greece? They weren’t natural though, as women would use soot or any other powdered material to make it seem that their brows were joined together.

However, ethnic Greek Cypriot model Sophia Hadjipanteli decided to take a hint from the Ancient Greek tradition and rock a full, natural monobrow on social media.

This Model Has So Much Confidence That She Rocks A Full, Natural Unibrow

Contrary to what you may think, she has actually attracted a lot of positive feedback with her contribution to the #UnibrowMovement, which she tags on all her Instagram posts. Speaking of which, that has attracted well over 50k followers.

I wear makeup because it is fun. I have a unibrow because it is a preference. I wear makeup and have a unibrow because it is what I like. Don’t put me in a bubble. Just because I embrace one natural part of me doesn’t mean I’m a hypocrite for wanting to enhance other parts of who I am. I thought I would just put this out there just as a blanket statement. I’m who I am because I want to be this way. When you judge others for wearing makeup, dying their hair, altering parts of their body or inner self, JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T, makes you just as toxic as a lot of societal norms and pressures we are constantly faced with. AT THE END OF THE DAY just do you cuz imma be doing me whether you like it or not. 🖤

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“I am not really doing this to show people that they have to like [my unibrow], I am more so doing it to show people that they can get on with their lives by having a preference. I personally think my face looks better this way. Others disagree, and that’s totally cool. I am not trying to get anyone on the unibrow bandwagon. If I like this, just let me like this. Until people start to accept others for this specific feature on their face, I won’t feel ready to move on from it,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Fans praise her for using her unibrow for showing that beauty really can come in all shapes and sizes.

My heart is so full today ❤️

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“I literally love that she has a unibrow it’s so unique and natural and she’s gorgeous with or without it. People act like some extra hair is really a huge deal breaker to talk to someone as a friend or date them.” one commenter says.

“Everyone gets hair, get the fuck over it. Plus let me remind you this one important thing that some of you seem to forget: it’s not your body or your life and her preferences do not affect your life in any way.” another one says.

Great job Sophia! It’s amazing that she has this much confidence to be a model and still rock the brow, as I barely have any when I have like two hairs between my eyebrows and I can’t go out like that.

Do you support Sophia’s monobrow mojo? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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