Model Proves How Posture Adjustment Can Change Her Body's Look

Model Proves How Posture Adjustment Can Change The Body’s Look


You shouldn’t believe everything you see on social media. Especially, on Instagram.

Various photos of radical body-transformations have been constantly circulating on the app this year. And as their number has been rapidly increasing, people finally started to realize that not all of them are true. Bloggers easily fake major weight loss or muscle gain by posing from the right angle, and by playing with light and clothes. However, luckily some bloggers and models have recently been giving us some wake-up calls. They finally started posting side-by-side photos to prove how posture adjustment can indeed change the look of their body.

The 27-year-old British model Iskra Lawrence is one of them.


Allegedly, she never allows any of her Instagram photos to be retouched in any way to enhance her image. She actively calls out “body shamers” and does not want to be classified as a plus-sized model. She is a model for the American Eagle Outfitter lingerie line, Aerie.

The curvy model acknowledged the fact that not all of those “perfect” body photos are real. Some are only a mere illusion made with a little help of Photoshop, various filters, and specific poses.


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In the caption of this photo Lawrence posted on Instagram, the blonde explained that she snapped the image because she was loving her make-up and hair for the shoot, without noticing the fit of her pants. “Don’t let anyone else’s opinions of you stop YOU from doing what you want”, she added.


Source: Daily Mail

In this picture, she played tribute to the “strong” legs and stretch marks she once hated so much


Even though Lawrence sometimes still poses in order to feel powerful, she wants everyone to be aware of how unreal images on social media are


Source: Twitter @Aerie

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