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Model Promotes Body Acceptance By Showing Before And After Photos Of Her Real Struggle


Whenever you thought of models in the recent past, you thought of skinny girls on runways,good diets, or simply perfection with no dieting at all. Nowadays, however, tings have changed, probably for better. There are models who accept their body figures the way they are and go on with their career, happier that they promote a positive body image. This is the case with Liza Golden-Bhojwani, who used to be a skinny model. At the peak of hr career, back in 2012, she was participating in important fashion events, including New York and Paris Fashion Week. Her life changed after one night she passed out as she was preparing her 20 pieces of steamed edamame as dinner. This moment made her realize that she is not going to starve anymore.

Now, she is a plus size model sharing her before and after pictures to promote body acceptance in the modelling world.


After the unhappy event, she decided to take control of her eating habits, but that resulted in more and more eating sessions. Then, she began to notice a change in her weight, but she didn’t say anything because she was worried it would jeopardize her career. She was getting bigger, going from 34.5 to 35.5 in her hips as Milan Fashion Week came.


In her mind, she couldn’t stop thinking that her career could stop, but she managed to finish Milan fashion week without anyone noticing her weight gain.


But a few weeks later after the next season of the show began, she had a 36.5-inch hip measurement and they kicked her out of shows.


That’s when Liza started going back to doing catalogue work, and in 2014, experienced motivation to get back in shape again.

She explains on her Instagram profile: “I wanted to get in shape again, I was over giving up. I wanted in again but in a much healthier way.”


Although she didn;t starve herself, she did continue to keep track of everything she ate in a journal and counted calories religiously. Surprisingly, she went from consuming 500 calories per day to 800–1200, but continued to find herself unhappy.


Although she was in the best shape of her life she still wasn’t considered Victoria’s Secret-worthy.


This made her depressed, overly emotional, and miserable.


In order to clear her head, Liza decided to take a six-week trip to India. There, she met a man who would change her life forever.

Here is what she explains on social media: “Fast forward to the present day. I ended up marrying that man, I got rid of my NYC life, I moved everything here, I relocated my dogs and myself to India… 2016 was the first time in 3 years where I finally picked myself up and said you know what F this shit I am going to get back to work no matter what.”


Liza realized she shouldn’t be fighting against her body, but just listen to it.


Liza then started working out five times a week, but for herself, not for her career. She also eats whatever she wants and is happy with her body image.


Golden-Bhojwani regularly shares unedited photos of her body with body positive hashtags on Instagram. Here is one of her Instagram captions:

“[My body is] not perfect, not show ready or VS ready, not the best, but it is mine and my soul is happy.”

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