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Former Versace Model Spent $180K Trying To Look Like Kim Kardashian, But What’s The Reason Behind This?


A former Versace model has spent almost $180,000 on plastic surgeries just to look like her favorite idol – Kim Kardashian. Doctors have warned the 24-year-old model that these dangerous surgeries might kill her. However, she does not stop there and wants to have a bigger behind than Kim’s. Jennifer Pamplona, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, hides another terrible reason behind her surgeries. Her obsession to turn into a human barbie doll started after her plastic-surgery addicted boyfriend Celso Santebanes died of leukemia two years ago.

Jennifer had her first boob job at 17. Since then, she has had surgery to remove four ribs, liposuction, a rhinoplasty, and cheek fillers plus butt fillers.

‘I decided I didn’t like how I looked and I wanted curves, so I started with surgery at 17-years-old, starting with my first boob job and it’s continued from there.’

‘I used to be bullied quite a lot in high school because I was so skinny and not as curvy as other Brazilians.’


Jennifer claims she is in awe of Kim’s curvy body. She also hopes that she can have even more fat injected into her body one day.


The 24-year-old model has spent over $80,000 on her butt only. Moreover, she says she won’t stop until it gets even bigger than Kardashian’s.


The picture shows Pamplona after a 350ml injection.


She says doctors have advised her against injecting 700ml of fat into her cheeks.


However, she has decided not to follow that advice.


After the death of her boyfriend, her life changed.

She adds: ‘I was invited to change my body on a TV show and I chose to continue his dreams of turning me into a curvy Barbie doll for him.

Last week, Jennifer had fat transferred from her stomach into her bottom.


‘It was always his dream for me to look like a human doll and after having the surgery I found I didn’t have depression anymore.


‘At first, I was having surgery to satisfy Celso’s dream, but now I do it for myself, when I look in the mirror and see this different Jennifer Pamplona it makes me happy.’


Jeniffer is hopeful: ‘They tell my body type is too small to be like Kim Kardashian but I’ll keep fighting doctors to get it looking like hers.

‘Now I get told that I have lips like Kylie Jenner and that I’m getting close to having a butt like Kim Kardashian.’

The reactions about her surgeries are divided. She claims she has admirers that adore her bravery. However, people on social media are constantly attacking her obsession with plastic surgeries.


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