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Model Wears Corset 23 Hours A Day And Undergoes Surgeries To Finally Become Beautiful


Some people would simply do anything to truly become beautiful in their eyes. Being beautiful for some people means what you look after undergoing tons of plastic surgeries. Meet this Argentinian model Aleira Avendano, who wore a Victorian corset 23 hours a day for six months to achieve the look she dreamed of. Besides this, she has undergone 4 boob jobs, other plastic surgeries and she is on a strict healthy diet. What is may look absolute nonsense to you, this is the perfect happy life for this model, as she claims.

“Every woman should have plastic surgery to be truly beautiful,” Avendano told the Daily Mail recently.

Avendano has been wearing a corset for the last six years and refers to it as her second skin. Although the doctors warned her about the negative sides of wearing a corset, the 26-year-old didn’t stop wearing it.


“I love the feeling of pressure and only take it off for an hour a day to rest and to wash myself,” Avendano said.

In order to create her look, Aleira underwent the first of her breast surgeries at the age of 19, followed by the nose jobs and gastric bypass. Also, she had three rounds of ‘biopolymer’ buttock implants, and a forehead-lift to achieve her arched eyebrows. Then, she had a neck elongation, liposuction, and even had her real teeth removed to replace them with dentures. She did all this in the name of beauty.

Avendano explains that strangers often stare at her on the streets. Some can’t even believe that her figure is real. Strangers have accused her of being a man, looking like an alien, and having no ribs, she told in March.

Having to wear the corset was hard in the beginning, but then it became her necessity. Her skin stopped itching.


Along with waist training, Avendano eats a specific diet. That diet includes small portions of egg whites, pineapple, fruit and meat. She also does crunches and lifts weights to maintain her figure.


Her wish is to gain more followers on her Instagram account and then become famous for her body figure. She has also had a lot of criticism along with her fame on the social media. Despite this rigorous routine and her surgeries, Avendano claims that this is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

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