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Moles Can Tell Your Personality Traits With These Three Locations On Your Body


Moles are considered to be beauty marks, but for some people, they can also indicate diseases. Many people have them, but they rarely pay attention to what moles can stand for. Apart from being beauty marks, they are more than just a physical mark on your body. They hold secrets about your personality too!


Actually, moles tell a lot more about yourself than just where you have them. They can guess what type of a person you really are! How come? Let’s find out what moles can say about your personality.

1. If you have a mole on your temple, it means traveling.

It might be connected to your future arrangements or something from the distant past. Are you an adventurous person?


This mole can be your ticket to becoming the adventurous person you’ve always wanted to be! Get ready for your next adventure, because there might be some traveling on the way.


Temple moles indicate adventure and travel, so what’s stopping you?


Every country is worth visiting, especially if you’re adventurous!


2. A mole located between your eyes is linked to the achievement of your goals.

This location of this mole represents the achievement of your goals. It can be connected to your career, love and life goals. If you have a mole here, your goals are gonna get met!


If you thought about giving up on your goals, now it’s the real time to reconsider things.


It may be a small change, like a job promotion, or a salary change, but don’t give up.


Some people don’t like it, but change is mostly a good thing in your life. Your horizons expand and you learn something new.


3. A mole above your eyelid or near your eyebrow reveals a strong love for your home and family.


This location of this mole makes you a unique loving person with a big heart. Also, you love helping other people around you.


Moreover, you have excellent leadership qualities, both in your work and personal life.


Having a strong personality makes you a tough person and somebody who does not fear change. You are great at dealing with life’s difficulties.



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