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Mom Shows Off Some Dance Moves Hours Before Delivering Her Baby


For women, one of the biggest days of their life is when they deliver their child into the world. It’s a journey with a lot of pain, stress, but it’s well worth it, as a new family member is welcomed into the world. One that will inherit the parents’ features and continue the generations.

Painful or not, a lot of women experience the struggle of carrying a baby. In fact, in December 2013 it was estimated that 4.3 children are born every second. All around the world. I think that there’s a good chance that the number has grown since then.

Anyways, we all know that when a woman is giving birth, she’s basically confined to a bed. She can’t really move or do a lot of stuff, and neither can she do a lot of things when she’s expecting the child.

For those of you who have been in labor and have experienced giving birth before, let me ask you something. Was the first thing that popped into your mind to dance around like a lunatic shortly before the baby was ready to come out?

I’m sure it wasn’t, but that certainly is the case for Amber Bush.

Amber gave birth to her daughter Amelia on December 28, 2016.

Her water had already broken, and she was hours from delivering Amelia, so to relieve the stress, she decided to break into a dance.

The video has been uploaded to the internet and has since been viewed millions of times.

In the video, we can see then-future mom Amber in a pink sports bra, mesh underwear, colorful slippers and a wireless fetal heartrate monitor jamming to V.I.C’s Wobble, and her dance moves were quite impressive, to say the least.

delivering 1

I’m not sure doctors would approve of this, but as the nurse and the staff seem to all be there, they seem to be okay with it.

delivering 2

If I were ready to deliver right now, water broke and everything, I wouldn’t think of doing this.

I must say, though, Amber is giving it socks and the video says she did this for two hours. What a lady!


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