Mom-To-Be Bursts With Excitement As The Genders Of Her Babies Are Revealed

Mom-To-Be Bursts With Excitement As The Genders Of Her Babies Are Revealed 1

One of the coolest things about pregnancy is how one of the parents decides to reveal the gender of the baby. Whether it’s a cake, or a guy pulling away in his car at very high speed with the gender drawn on the pavement underneath the car, it’s always fun to see the reaction of the other parent. And this gender reveal cake is no exception to those reactions.

The video you’re about to see features an ecstatic mother finding out the gender of her soon-to-be-born child. To say her reactions are extreme would be quite the understatement.

However, the excitement is doubled, as this mother is pregnant with twins, which means there are A and B cakes.

The family was gathered around at the Dyche household for the big twin gender reveal, and the mom has some of the most extreme reactions of any gender reveal we(and probably you)’ve seen so far!

excitement 1

When the father cuts into the first cake, the mother starts screaming with excitement quite loudly, and it’s quite difficult to tell whether the mother is in tears or overwhelmed with happiness. She proceeds to hug and kiss her husband, and at this point, the viewer is unsure whether she’s going to survive cake B.

excitement 2

Luckily, she does, and as it’s discovered to be a boy, the celebrations are followed by some peaceful, lovely music along with footage of the family celebrating and giving each other hugs.
It was so funny but so lovely to see the mother’s reaction at the same time, and it’s this kind of stuff that makes us think that gender reveals are the coolest thing about being pregnant.

excitement 3

Have you been excited like this before? Was it because of the same reason? Share your thoughts and your gender reveal stories in the comments!


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