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Mom Gives Birth To The BIGGEST Baby Girl and She Is Adorable


It was a strange, but exciting day on May 15 at the Orange Park Medical Center, Florida, when a toddler-sized newborn came into this world. Proud mum Chrissy Corbitt from Florida welcomed a 13.5 pound baby girl, and I can only imagine what holding her for the first time felt like. Imagine your stomach as big as it can get, and then imagine a lot bigger than that. Then, when you finally get to deliver the baby, you see a toddler coming out. Scary but beautiful.

Little Carleigh was almost twice the average weight of a baby girl. Chrissy compared her size to a toddler’s and she explains that her clothes are for a nine-months-old.


“They were throwing out numbers and when they showed her to me and said 13.5, I couldn’t believe it.”


“It looked like they pulled a toddler out of my belly. She’s so big,” she told ABC News.


Baby Carleigh came through a C-section, and she shocked doctors as well.


Source:Sweet Smiles Photography Studio

They were actually expecting Chrissy to give birth to twins, due to the size of her stomach. I wonder what Chrissy felt like with that baby bump. Her husband claims that she can basically handle anything.


Source:Sweet Smiles Photography Studio

Carleigh is Chrissy’s and Larry’s fourth child, but they say this is probably the last one they will have.


Source:Sweet Smiles Photography Studio

“She’s like a 6-month-old baby,” husband Larry Corbitt said.


Source:Sweet Smiles Photography Studio

Also, her diapers are a size three! Her parents decided to have a sweet photoshoot with photographer Debbye Benson of Sweet Smiles Photography Studio. As you can see from the photos, she looks absolutely adorable.


Source:Sweet Smiles Photography Studio

Watch this video to learn more about the 13.5 pound baby:


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