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This Mom Decided That She Didn’t Want The Gas Bill To Skyrocket, And Left A Hilarious Note On The Thermostat


Winter is still very much around, and with it comes the time where we have to dress up in warm and cozy layers. The fireplace at home is roaring, and we are all chilling on the couch covered in blankets. It’s a magical time, but I hate it at the same time.

If you don’t rely on a fireplace to keep yourself warm, chances are you have central heating.

No matter what you do with it, there’s no denying it costs a pretty good dollar to run the heating. Especially if you have a big family, at which point the temperature becomes a complete gamble.

While the son may find 70 degrees nice and warm, the younger daughter may find that as cold as drowning in a frozen lake.

When they start playing with the thermostat, your bill goes higher and higher.

Autumn Brandon, a wife and mother of three boys, understands this dilemma perfectly. She often finds the heat blasted on high for no reason — which is most mother’s worst nightmare.

Mom Leaves Note On Thermostat 1

But, she decides to hold back on yelling at her family, but she doesn’t allow the bill to skyrocket either.

What she did, is she leave an absolutely hilarious note on the thermostat.

Written for those who have a tendency to fiddle with the temperature, the note is as follows:

:“Unless you answer ‘yes’ to all of these… Do not turn on the heat!!!

Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks?

Is it November?

Do you pay the gas bill?”

thermostat 2

This is a funny but truthful way to teach your kids that the gas bills are not free. Next time you fiddle with the thermostat, but you aren’t the one paying the bill, consider how much it costs!

thermostat 3

I sincerely hope that the kids and Autumn’s husband learned their lesson with this little note. While the husband probably did ages ago, this is a great and humorous idea to teach the kids on how to cut some cash off the bills.

In the meantime, check out these news reporters read Autumn’s letter… all at the same time. And also check out a trailer for The Weeknd’s Starboy and something about Kellyanne Conway.

Okay, maybe not the last two. But the first one definitely.


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