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A Mom Created These Relatable Motherhood Comics And It’s Hilarious


Aaaah, motherhood… The stage in a woman’s life that lasts forever and has rewards like the cutest hugs and the most sleepless nights. It was motherhood (or parenting, actually) that inspired one parent to write lyrics for Carmina Burana, that included lines such as: “where are your pants” and “what have you done”.  It’s called An Ode To Sleep Deprived Parents.

What we have here are comics inspired by motherhood. The mom is called Natalia Sabransky and she’s a freelance illustrator who lives in Argentina. Since she became a mom, she started drawing these humorous comics to every parent’s joy and called them “Mama ilustrada”, or ‘Illustrated mom”.

She, of course, is the main character, along with son Santiago and husband Gaston. Natalia says that her son and the situations that arise with him are her main inspiration. She hopes that other parents will find the illustrations relatable and realize that they’re not alone in the world.

Mama Ilustrada has 155K Facebook followers, parents and non-parents that adore the illustrations. They brighten people’s days and make them feel like they’re not alone in their everyday parenting endeavors. Plus, the drawings are cuteness overload! She draws anime too and she’s really, really good.

But those mom comics are just bulls-eye.

And so that we can all relate, here are they, translated from Spanish by Bored Panda.

1. Questions that never end.

motherhood 1

2. More often than not.


3. Kids should be born more decisive.


4. Always.


5. Everybody is a knowitall.


6. You’re never alone. Like, never.


7. I need my ME time.


8. All over is good, actually.


9. Lucky that women are good at multitasking.


10. The pains of motherhood.


See, moms? You’re most definitely not alone. Now go play An Ode To Sleep Deprived Parents on Youtube and start introducing your kid to classical music with lyrics that work for you.

Source:boredpandamamailustrada.com | Facebook

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