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She Though She Had Kidney Stones, She Went To The Doctor. You Won’t Believe What They Told Her


Pregnant. At the doctor’s office, they told her she was 38 weeks pregnant. It wasn’t kidney stones at all.

It’s always an amazing story when it’s about surprise pregnancies. People don’t really wrap their head easily around the fact that a woman cannot tell that she’s pregnant. Especially after missed periods, weight gain and other telling symptoms.

And especially since you’re already a mother of three. This is Stephanie Jaegers.

At the age of 37, she had already been through three pregnancies, three childbirths, each more difficult than the last. If we’re being fair, doctors did tell her that she couldn’t have any more children. She was diagnosed with early menopause. This was the reason they didn’t suspect anything.

One day she felt cramps in her abdomen and they got progressively worse throughout the day. Her back hurt, her urinating was uncomfortable and she thought the symptoms were from kidney stones. The first question the nurses asked her was if she was pregnant. She told them no, and in fact, she was menstruating at that moment.

The medical staff at Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, Georgia did an ultrasound and checked her blood and urine. When the results came, they stated that she was 38 weeks pregnant and not only that, she was in full-blown labor.

“Before this happened I had read the different stories and I was one of those people who thought, how could you not know?” Stephanie tells Babble about the initial shock of learning she had been carrying a baby for the last several months.

She and her husband were in shock and petrified that there was no prenatal medical care. She didn’t take care of herself as she would if she knew she was pregnant. She was riding roller coasters, and she had x-rayed her ankle just a week before.

The baby was breech and tucked behind her ribcage (which could be one of the reasons she didn’t have a baby bump) and to make the situation even more stressful, she was fully dilated and her water had broken. Before doctors could prepare for a cesarean birth, the baby’s butt started to show, so she ended up giving birth naturally.

“The range of emotions and thoughts that go through your head are insane,” her husband Michael explains.

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