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Mom Goes Into Labor To Deliver Triplet Girls After Two Boys


Angie and Gino were more than thrilled to learn that they were pregnant again. Having two boys already, the idea of welcoming a baby girl was incredible for them. But, the amazing moment was when the couple learned that they weren’t having just one girl, but triplet girls.

The news left them completely shocked and stunned. Unfortunately, being pregnant with triplets is not that easy, because the pregnancy comes with high risks. Even though Daniella, Camilla and Anabella shared one placenta, the doctor warned the parents that one of the two was at risk of not growing properly.

triplet 1

The baby girls were also at risk of having underdeveloped lungs and brain bleed which is terrifying for a parent to hear. As the weeks passed, doctors noticed that Baby B was getting too little liquid and Baby C was getting more.

Being only 27 weeks pregnant, Angie had to move to the hospital so the medical professionals could monitor her condition. She had to be away from her family for a long time.

“Anything could happen between now and my due date,” Angie said from her hospital bed.

In the video below, you are going to see Angie taken into the delivery room. It’s time for the triplets to be born and I guarantee you have never seen such a personal glimpse into the birth of triplets in real time. My heart was filled with emotions.

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Video credit: SHARP / Health News


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