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This Mom Made A Viral Meme About The Solar Eclipse And The Internet Is Loving It


Did you happen to be on another planet or anywhere else to miss the last solar eclipse? Many people went ecstatic about the last one on August 21 this year, as it was a total eclipse visible within a band across the entire contiguous United States, passing from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts.

People are still recovering from all the excitement, and the event was an inspiration to some good memes on the Internet, as well as some good quality photos. A mom and her proud daughter went crazy for the eclipse, too, but in a funny way. The mother of the 21-year old named Sasha who uses the Twitter handle @Junglefushimi, created her very first meme in the honor of this historic moment. And she was so proud of it! Little did she know how people would react, but their reactions were lovely!

Sasha shared the meme her mom made on her Twitter account during the eclipse mania on Monday. The mother was worried if it would go viral because she didn’t put her name on it.

And, apparently., everyone loved it.


Source: Twitter | @Junglefushimi

I mean, who doesn’t love some Cyclops action? Forget 27 Dresses, this is James Marsden’s best work. Don’t you agree?


Source: Twitter | @Junglefushimi

It has since received 93,089 retweets and 212,941 likes.

Way to go, memer mom!

We do love it!


Source: Twitter | @LLL_TMB

The world needed these laughs. This mom definitely has a great sense of humor.


Source: Twitter | @calmadore

Sasha was like, “Guyssss don’t worry, my mom is gonna see the love.”


Source: Twitter | @Junglefushimi



Source: Twitter | @Junglefushimi


Source: Twitter | @Junglefushimi

It must be a great feeling for the mother, who got all the support. First, from her daughter, and then, from all the Internet meme lovers. We appreciate your hard work, meme mom!


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