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Mom Was Not Ready To Remove Her Baby But What Happens Next Is A Miracle


Shannon and her husband were very excited to start their family, but unfortunately their first pregnancy did not go as planned. Turned out there was a gestational sac but no embryo and a heartbeat. After more tests, her doctor called and told her the awful news, her pregnancy was not viable.

The next step would be a routine dilation and curettage, or D&C, in which the contents of the uterus are removed to prevent hemorrhaging and infection. This would be the last step to remove her baby, but Shannon just wasn’t ready to lose something so precious.

Even though it seemed like the right thing to do, Shannon knew that she couldn’t have the finally remnants of her child taken from her. Not this soon.


She begged the hospital to wait two more weeks, and weeks after this she asks them again for one last ultrasound. It was a miracle she did because what happened next, changed her life forever.

After zooming in on the fleck of light, the doctor miraculously detected a heartbeat. The baby was not lost, in fact she was developing right on track. That fleck of light turned into Shannon’s first daughter, now 12-years-old, who was born as healthy as can be. Here you can see her in the picture.


Look at the family together.


Shannon shared her story on the television show “The Doctors,” tearing up as she told the studio audience about how it felt to discover she had her baby after all. This just proves what we already knew, that a mother’s intuition truly is one of the strongest forces on earth. Take a look down below and enjoy:

Source:The Doctors , tiphero

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