Mom Will Be Right Back And The Saga Of The Home Alone Dad

Mom Will Be Right Back And The Saga Of The Home Alone Dad


Here is the dad that gets the Father of the Year Award! But first, let me break it all down for you.

I’ve always had this strange feeling going on of mothers being slightly wary of leaving their kids alone with their father. Even if it is just for a short while.

dad 1

In her mind’s eye, she comes back to find the house on fire. The kids have no eyebrows. Baby is doing number two on the carpet while dad doesn’t even blink, as he is staring at the basketball match.  Older kids swing from the chandelier swinging the cat by its tail.

This dad right here is the modern day hero of dads all around the world. Proud papa takes matters into his own hands and decides to turn over a potential hazard into an actual fun house!

And he got it on camera! All of it!

dad 4

This video was posted back in 2012 and has since managed to make more than 11 million people cry with laughter.

The main protagonists constitute a set of triplets and his two older boys. That’s five kids to look after! It’s definitely a lot on his plate. So he decided to look at the lighter, comic side of things.

He made a rendition of the Sexy And I Know It number and changed it just enough to neatly portray a day in one father’s life left alone with his kids.

Some of the funniest scenes are when dad is exercising with his children as weights, dad in an apron cooking spaghetti and dad taking the kids to the store and praying for a catastrophe to be avoided.

dad 2

Some of the scenes in the video made a lot of women in the comment section swoon.

“If my future husband does not have this idea of being a father, then he is failing as a future husband,” says YouTube user Alex Xela.

dad 3

“Omg, this was amazing! I’m 38 weeks with our first, and this made my husband’s and my night. Thanks for sharing!” – Ashley gashed!


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