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This Mom Found What She Thought Was Her Daughter’s Sex Toy In The Dishwasher


It’s not exactly the most fun experience to unload the dishwasher after it has finished its cycle, and it’s especially not fun when you pull what seems to be a sex toy out of there too.

Kelsie Lyons’ mom thought that she found her daughter’s sex toy, of all places, in the dishwasher.

Unloading the dishwasher isn’t exactly the most entertaining thing in the world. That is unless you find stacked among the plates and cups a fucking dildo.

I’ve never used one of these things before, but I imagine they need a clean from time to time, and apparently the dishwasher was the best way to do it. Except, it’s not actually any kind of sex toy at all.

Kelsie took to Facebook and revealed that her mother had actually got it all wrong.


She wrote:

“So my mom finds this in the dishwasher. Gives it to me wrapped in a towel asking me wtf I put in the dishwasher. It was a cup. It shrank. She went on talking about how uncomfortable she felt all day.”

Am I the only one that thinks that this would have been so much funnier if this was a real sex toy? Instead, it turned out to be a cup that just happened to melt in the wash.

Disappointing but also good at the same time. I mean, if it did turn out to be something… else other than a cup, Kelsie would have been in a lot of trouble.


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