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14 Pictures That Are Captured At The Exact Moment Before Disaster


Sometimes a perfect picture includes great lighting and a billion shots but every once in a while luck hits on your door and someone happens to get the perfect snap at the exact moment and they mkae magic. Just like that. Below we have 14 of our perfectly-timed favorites.

1. Girl Pops Bubble

The exact moment of popping a bubble.


Source: Reddit/olivesareawesome

2. The Merman Effect

A little fish happened to be in the right place for this amazing merman photo. Good job!


Source: National Geographic/Nick Kelly

3. Crashing Plane

Even though this picture is not as lighthearted as the previous ones, it still remains an amazing shot. 3

Source: Steve McGhee

4. Dog Yawn

The yawn-ception, how often can you capture this?


Source: Reddit/yolosafafofo

5. A Shark Emerges

The second before a shark emerges from the water. Woah!


6. Man Wears Tiny Hat

Wearing a hat much? What a coincidence.


Source: Reddit/yumpop278

7. Mischievous Monkey

Wait there, just taking a little peek!


Source: Adde Adesokan

8. Fish Faces Death (Literally)

A fish’s last look before being gobbled up by a hungry bird. He didn’t even see it coming.


Source: Imgur

9. Sexy-Legged Bartender

The way they’re positioned, makes it look like the bartender is sporting a set of sexy legs.


Source: Reddit

10. The Whales Come Out

This one is absolutely my favorite!


Source: Jérémie Bergerioux

11. Fire-Breathing Dog

The flame being there at the right moment to transform him into a fire-breathing beast.


Source: Imgur

12. Boy Wears Water Hat

A picture before the boy was being splashed and the surface tension of the water makes it look like a hat.


Source: Reddit/zimvi

13. Soldier Gets Caught Yawning

A perfectly-timed picture.


Source: Imgur

14. Lady Lightning

So many layers of amazing in this single picture.


Source: GrahamSaysNO
From:shareably, univverse

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