22 Moments Where You Need To See It To Believe It


Fiction ain’t got nothing on reality. If you think crazily ridiculous and insanely implausible things happen only in books and movies, this list will convince you that the true madness is out there in the real world. You can’t invent these things! And you wouldn’t believe them either, if we had just told you the story instead of offering you cold, hard proof, in the form of these photos, compiled by Diply. Go on, take a look, just keep two words in mind. True. Story.

1. Bob’s your uncle

Ah, Americans… They spend half their education studying Spanish, and they still haven’t learned the word for ‘uncle’.


Twitter | @simbaki_

2. KBO

When you’re empty inside but you keep on trudging.

Twitter | @JackedYoTweets

3. Literature 101

The  greatest  hack  to  essay  writing.  Thousands  of students are eternally grateful to whomever had this genius idea.



4. An auspicious beginning

Hope the happy times with the boys will keep you warm when you sleep all alone on the couch.


Twitter | @brooke_beebe

5. The case of the vanishing tattoo

It’s either a very inconsistent case of the Photoshop, or that tattoo dissolves in water really fast and easy: indeed, just being near the water seems to do the trick.


Twitter | @Abdinoorx2

6. The walking meme

Me: I hate rubber boots.

Also me: Go on! Put them on! You know you secretly want to!


Reddit | WhatItalianguu

7. Baa Baa!

This must be the same person who put their phone in the microwave to charge the battery.


Reddit | koldphlame

8. Show-off!

But she’s happy! She deserves a pass!


Twitter | @TedeVision

9. No justice!

When no-one appreciates your efforts enough to reciprocate them.


Twitter | @bychiume

10. A whole different level of petty

Have a brother, they said. He will be there for you when no-one else will, they said. Well, he bloody is now! He’s right there to block my view, when nothing else did!


Reddit | adhayek

11. Why make it simple?

That’s exactly why parents shouldn’t be on Facebook. And also, that’s exactly why parents should be on Facebook…


Instagram | @kalesalad

12. Elon Musk can’t get a response…

Probably because he exceeded the limit of allowed emojis, which is zero.


Imgur | fahadzaidichicago

13. When your dad is a fashionista

You were doomed from the start.



14. First appearances can be deceiving

That is most definitely not a dog’s paw! Are you blind, man? It’s a werewolf!

Twitter | @Dufined

15. Was there ever a chance of this ending differently?

All your efforts to protect your little one’s precious ears have gone right out the window.


Imgur | DarkPrincessOfYourNightmares

16. All cars matter!

Why would you do that? Poor defenceless car! Why deface it like that?



17. At least your face will be hidden…

This toilet gives you something much better than privacy. It gives you the illusion of privacy!


Reddit | Yamezj

18. Sweet dreams

That video should’ve said, ‘don’t try this at home’…


Imgur | Preggasaurusrex

19. Ah, true love!

When he accepts her weird choice in nail art, and she accepts being called a ‘bitch’?


Instagram | @openlygayanimals

20. What the f-

Honestly, I can’t say what’s the most disturbing thing about this… Wish I could unsee it…


Instagram | @blackgirlrantss

21. Silver lining

While their obsession with a restaurant is weird at best, the name is actually not that bad. Garton sounds kinda French, doesn’t it?


Twitter | @ABC

22. Mistakes were made

The worst possible case of tan lines in the history of the world.


Twitter | @BelleSiemens
Source: Diply

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