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A Young Canadian Offers A Small But Sustainable Way Of Living Without Mortgage Or Debt


Already as an 18-years-old, Josh Percival from Ontario, Canada wanted his own home without having to carry the burden of a mortgage. It was then that he saw his first-ever tiny house on Youtube and immediately knew how he wanted to live.

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He spent the next three years saving up together with his girlfriend Lindsay and last year they finally moved in their little house of their own creation. Now, Josh runs his own company called Red Door Tiny Homes that offers living solutions for people like himself.

Josh had shared his plans for the future with Lindsay already on their first date, and she was immediately on board. The couple has also certified their home as a Recreational Vehicle so they can use RV parks as their bases. Being rent and mortgage-free has given them the freedom to throw and hoist the anchor whenever and wherever they feel like it.

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The tiny house is built on an 18-foot trailer. It has 2 lofts, one of which is a bright and airy bedroom, and the second one usable both for storage as well as an additional sleeping area. Josh has also constructed the kitchen cabinets, the custom storage bench, the closets, and the “his and hers” desk making this couple’s home a true work of love.

And having sensed numerous people’s wishes for a similar lifestyle, while being armed with all the know-how and experience of completing the process himself, Josh is now offering his expertise to anyone who needs it. His company Red Door Tiny Homes is looking to help people reach their dreams of financial freedom and real happiness.

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Josh believes that through a lifestyle like his one not only avoids the possible trapdoors of mortgage and debt, but also provides his or hers share towards a more sustainable future by reaching a “balance between convenience and minimalism” through lessening one’s environmental impact by living tiny and sustainable.

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