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10 Of The Most Dangerous Waters in the World


Water can be calming, soothing and day dream inducing. Living near water can be such a wonderful thing. But when you think about this, the image in your head is a beach house, right? You don’t think of dangerous waters, you think of a beautiful cabin, next to a tranquil lake. That’s for the lucky ones. For some people (and other species) around the world, it’s not that romantic.

Water can be seriously dangerous. As in, death-trap dangerous. Wait until you see this video, you’ll think twice before you go near some shady places.

Would you go in here?

water 1

Yes, it looks beautiful, and it’s a diving well. However, when you get to the so-called third part on your way down, there’s a serious warning. And yet, somehow people play with their fate all the time. Why not just look at it and admire it from afar?

Which one was the scariest for you?


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