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Mother Spends £10,000 To Become Real-Life Doll After Partner Cheats On Her


It seems like nothing can stop the plastic surgery fans making the transformation of their dreams. It took many painful surgeries for one man to become an elf, for example. A mother-of-two has spent £10,000 on a strange makeover to fulfill her dream and transform herself into a real life ‘sex doll’.

The transformation, which lasted for a year, happened after her fiancé cheated on her. Cindy Moore, 31, from Salford, Greater Manchester, had a boob job, lip fillers (three times a month) and hair extensions to realise her dream. And she wants to go under the knife again!


Cindy has always like the idea of looking ‘fake’ and wearing glamorous makeup, since she was 19. She used to be a size A, but now her boobs are double F’s. This is far from reaching her real dream. She said for the media: ‘I want another boob job and probably a tummy tuck’.

As a young girl, she started bleaching her long locks and wearing dramatic make up. When she became a mother, however, she was inspired to take her look to the next level after discovering that her fiancé was having an affair. After delivering her daughter Lacey, six, and son Max, eight, she gained seven stone.


Then, Cindy went on a strict diet and trained seven days a week in order to lose five stone and drop from a size 24 to a size 12. However, she was not content with what she saw in the mirror, and had £7,000 surgery to enhance her breasts and plump up her lips with painful filler injections.

She explained: ‘When I first met my ex I was 19 and I had started looking like I do now, but definitely not as extreme. But after we had two kids I ballooned by about seven stone and kind of gave up on it.

Everything changed when the couple split. ‘When we split last year I looked at myself in the mirror and just thought ‘this needs to go’, so I trained hard and cut the carbs and lost it really rapidly. I’ve always liked the bimbo blow-up doll look, ever since I was younger so I just started taking it to the next level.’


After the breakup and the surgery, Cindy started feeling better about herself. She adds that she knew that the doll look was right for her after watching herself on Channel 5’s reality TV show 100% Hotter. The show aired in February this year. Although the show encourages people with extreme looks to adopt more natural ones, Cindy decided to do the opposite.

So, instead, she shed an extra two stone and started the painful process of keeping her lips plumped up. Cindy now has the procedure repeated every ten days, costing her £250 for one treatment.


Cindy’s look caught the attention to a lot of social media followers. She has over 5,000 friends on Facebook now.

She said: ‘Before changing to this new extreme look I had about 100 friends and they were all family. After the TV show I got invited to join a Bimbonati group on Instagram, and that’s when it really took off. I have about 4,000 followers on there now.’

Surprisingly, her family fully support her looks. Her mother has encouraged her to follow her dreams and make money out of it. She now sells raunchy photos of herself to 100 online followers who pay her £25 a month.

Cindy said: ‘My six-year-old daughter says that when I’m all done up I look like a doll. She really loves it too. My son is eight, and he prefers it when I have my make up on too.’

However, the mother-of-two also admitted that some of the attention has been not been all positive.

‘I get a lot of attention from men so I think I could be going on dates every night if I wanted to. But sometimes it’s like people don’t realise I’m actually a person and not really a doll.’


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