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Mother-Daughter Tattoos That Will Tug at Your Heartstrings


Tattoos have seen a rise in popularity in the last 15 years. Many ink aficionados choose tattooing since, as they say, it can help them overcome some personal traumas or losses. The ritual in itself can also serve as the beginning of the healing process. As people have to deconstruct their pain in order to assemble the image. Other ink-enthusiasts just like decorating their body with things that are important to them. Others again, like to solidify a bond with someone close by keeping a reminder nearby.

The relationship that mothers have with their daughters is a truly special one. Many contemporary moms nowadays choose to commemorate the relationship they have with their daughters with a matching tattoo.

Here’s a collection of some of our favorites.

1.“Wherever you go, I’ll go…..”

mother daughter tattoos from today <3 C: #motherdaughtertattoo

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Daughters will literally walk in their mom’s shoes as they grow up. To follow the ones you love on their life path is a great and admirable trait. It is an act of bonding by way of understanding.

2. Dots, lines and swirls.

These tattoos have elegance in them due to their simplicity and movement achieved through the curving lines as well as the texturing with the dots. They are also quite feminine.

3. Hearts beating in tune with each other

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This particular tattoo is a tribute to the act of giving life. The three colorless hearts stand for the children that this mom lost before giving birth to her current daughter. The filled in heart represents her daughter. The act of giving life for some women is an act of receiving life as well.

4. Spread Your Wings

Butterflies are a great homage to vulnerability and strength through transformation.

5. A flight away

Always just a flight away ✈️ #motherdaughtertattoo

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Whenever you start missing your mom, no matter where you are, book that spur-of-the-moment flight and go see her!

6. I am you and you is I

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Now, where would we be, after all, without our mothers? We are made in their image.

7. Sunshine Of Your Love

Mothers spreading their unconditional love like rays of sunshine, to dry up the tears and to clear up the skies.

8.”I have to call my mom!”

#motherdaughtertattoos @obsessioncalled

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Who comes to mind first in pressing times? Mom!

9. The Keys to My Heart

My mother, my best friend 🎀 #motherdaughtertattoos #endlessbond

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Love is the key for the door of eternity.


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