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Mother Will Finally Wear Bikini After Her 32F Boob Job


Some people call it superficial and unnatural, but breast implants are many women’s only dream for boosting their confidence. It is true, however, that many have exaggerated to a point of losing their true self. For one Bristol mother-of-three, getting a boob job was her dream-come-true. After spending her days feeling embarrassed by her flat chest, she decided she is not tying the know before having breast implants. Now the 39-year-old Emma is embracing her new figure, and she has bought her first ever bikini. After her wedding, she and her husband Kristian, 37, are going on a holiday.


Emma Harris, from Bristol, described how she would have felt uncomfortable walking down the aisle before her breast enlargement.


‘It seems so shallow but it was a massive thing for me to look perfect on my wedding day,’ Mrs Harris told FEMAIL.
‘It’s taken me a really long time,’ Emma said. ‘This is the first time I have even considered it. I just wasn’t ready. It took a long time for me mentally to think “I can wear it”. Now I am putting bikinis on for October. I like it a lot.’


Emma was very self-conscious and used to play rugby with the boys as a way to cover her body. She pictured herself curvy in her dreams.


Mrs Harris first considered a breast augmentation in 2007, but her then-partner was dead against it. So she backed off.


It was only after she started dating her now husband in 2014 that she found the confidence to book a consultation with MYA cosmetic surgery in Bristol. She underwent the surgery in January 2015. Before that, Emma decided on a 400cc implant, although she did also consider a larger 450cc implant.

‘I wanted them to be as natural as possible but as big as possible,’ she explained.

Six months after the surgery Kris took her on a romantic trip to Paris and proposed on top of the Eiffel Tower.

The preparations for the big day began and she was constantly thinking what to wear.

She said: ‘I went for a very different, figure hugging style. It was strapless… When I tried them on and looked in the mirror, it was all what I thought suited my figure the best.’


The couple tied the knot at Stonehouse Court Hotel, in March this year. Emma has so many happy memories of the wedding day.


To other people, this act may look shallow, but it was life-changing for Emma.

From: dailymail

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