Woman Lost Over 60 Pounds After Her Own Mother Failed To Recognize Her

A woman named Cairyn Bloomfield from Sydney, Australia realized that she needed to change her lifestyle and eating habits when her friends and her own mom didn’t recognize her. She had returned from an exchange in Canada, and the realization was there. The 28-year-old managed to gain 66 pounds in just one year; 22 pounds before leaving for Canada, 22 pounds while staying in Canada and 22 more before getting back to her hometown in Australia. To change that and lose the weight she found a trainer to help her exercise and make better food choices.

“My pants kept ripping when I was in Canada and I just assumed that was because it was cold, I didn’t want to think I was getting heavier” she told Daily Mail Australia “Then when I came home and I started trying on all my clothes I broke three dress zippers and I realized how much I had actually put on over the time I was there which made me want to become a recluse from the world.” the 28-year-old added.


Driving herself everywhere instead of walking, and a particularly bad break up was what made her gain the weight. Then over the course of her year away she gained 66 pounds because she wasn’t going to the gym or eating healthy.

“I went to visit my friend in England as a surprise and she and I are normally the same shape and height and she told me later that she didn’t recognize me when I opened the door,” Cairyn explained.

“She was trying clothes on that were loose on her and I couldn’t pull them past my knees and that was when I realized I had gained some weight.” she adds.


“My pants kept ripping when I was in Canada and I just assumed that was because it was cold, I didn’t want to think I was getting heavier” The 28-year-old told Daily Mail Australia


The Sidney native refused to get on a scale to measure her weight when she was in Canada, but she estimated that she was around 198 pounds. Only after her own mother didn’t recognize her picking up at the airport she tried to find a solution and accepted the fact that she gained weight.

“When I was talking to my mom about my weight she said she didn’t recognize me when she saw me at the airport, it was only when I came bounding up to her saying hello that she realized who I was. My mom would never say anything mean to me about my weight ever so for her to say that was a big deal for me and showed me how much I had gained.”


The first thing she figured she had to do on her weight-loss journey was to call  Dr Anthony Bloomfield, a medical doctor and personal trainer. Soon after the  he two of them started training together.

“When I started working with Anthony he shifted my understanding of food, I really didn’t know how to cook anything healthy, I only knew how to cook casseroles and pizzas and things like that” Cairyn told FEMAIL.

“This experience has been a complete shift in my mind as I have always had a huge appetite, my appetite was my biggest problem.When I was a baby my mum would say a normal baby would have one bottle and I would have two, I was just always hungry.”


Cairyn realized that eating healthy is a little more complicated than she taught and she had to relearn cooking

“I used to call Anthony from Woolworths and ask him about food – I had no idea what I was doing which surprised me because I thought I knew what food was, I thought it was fairly simple but as it turns out eating healthy is a little more tricky than I thought it was at the time.”

She also became aware that losing the weight will require a lot of exercise. “I have a bike at home I use and me and a friend go to the gym every day, we make an occasion out of it and get a coffee after which encourages us to go on the days we are simply not feeling it.”

Now she does cardio and encourages everyone to include exercise in their everyday life, even if it’s only 15 minutes.


The 28-year-old used to drink white hot chocolate from Starbucks with caramel in it for breakfast. She also ate fruit loops and orange juice. Now the most important meal of the day consists of just cup of coffee and oats or avocado on toast.
Her lunch was a large serve of pasta and now it’s vegetables and a source of protein, such as legumes. For dinner, she eats rice, mixed beans, and roasted vegetables as opposed to what she used to eat in the past; two meat pies with ketchup and chips.


The reason she wanted to lose the weight was to rid herself of the anxiety she had surrounding her body.

“It was about the ability of being able to throw clothes on my body and not have that anxiety of “is my belly showing? Do I have muffin tops coming out? Do I have belly rolls?” It’s that freedom of anxiety from my mind, which was one of the best things I could hope for” Cairyn said.

She explained how difficult are everyday activities when you are overweight: “I realized later how much freedom I would have in that state of mind, it was really uncomfortable being overweight” Cairyn said. I remember how out of breath I would be all the time, how much sweatier I was and not being able to squeeze into clothes, mentally it was so exhausting.” she added.

“When I first started training I texted Anthony being like “I just ran for the bus and I didn’t get puffed” and that was a big deal for me.”


She explained that Anthony’s philosophy is to make sure that the diet and exercise regime is not extreme so that people don’t feel completely deprived of things that they enjoy. That’s why she kept her morning coffee.

‘Roasted veggies are a great way to get protein and protein is really easy to get. Unless you’re calorie deficient, you’re not going to lack in protein as almost every food has protein in it,’ Cairyn said.


Now, the fitness model succeeded in losing the 66 pounds with the help of Dr Bloomfield. Also, she is  doing Cryolipo which is  medical treatment used to destroy fat cells by freezing.

“I have a lot more energy than I used to, it went up as I moved away from sugar and it made a difference to my skin and overall health.”


She is using this procedure to remove those last stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet or exercise.

“Crylipo freezes the fat cells in the area and kills 30 percent over a period of eight to 12 weeks.It gets rid of the fat cells through the lymphatic system and they don’t come back.In your body there is a certain amount of fat cells and when you gain weight or lose weight they expand or retract, they don’t disappear or multiply but this machine kills the fat cells and gets rid of it and they don’t come back once they’re gone which is great,” Cairyn explained.

Source: dailymail