Mother Turns Old Clothes Into Keepsake Memory Bears


Getting rid of your clothes is something many of us have a hard time doing. Whenever the season ends, we realize we haven’t even worn some of the clothes for years. Do we throw clothes away or do we keep them as a memory? Personally, I always give whatever I don’t wear or fit into to charity, but if you feel like a piece of clothing is too dear to you, but you know you’ll never wear it, you can do something else instead.

One genius mom can turn a loving piece of clothing into a memory keepsake teddy bear.


She can turn those jerseys, souvenir T-shirts, Scout uniforms and the baby clothes into something worth having. Also, if some of your loved ones have passed away, you can create a loving memory of them by using their clothes and making these cute teddy bears.

This mom shared her story on Mom’s a Genius on Channel 7 and inspired many women to call her or try to do the same thing. Her clients request for teddy bears to be made out of their loved one’s clothing. These may also include baby clothes that are precious to people, as well as army or police officer uniforms.

She says that she wants to make her clients’ wishes true. “Whatever they want, I do it.”

The genius mom only started her business a few months ago and is now making about two bears a day. Interestingly, this is her second job and she started this as a hobby. But it might just turn into a big deal for her.

Watch the whole video below:

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Source: WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7

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