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How To Move The Sun 47 Meters Further


We all know and love Banksy. His amazing street art is popular in almost every corner of the word. He left his stamp even in the war-torn Syria. But there is a groop of guerilla artist from Prague, and they took street art on an entirely new and different level. This group of young boys and girls moved the Sun and brought light into the darkest corners of the charming capital of the Czech Republic. Inspired by the natureremix campaign they used the basic laws of physics, and they came up with an innovative and interactive way to tell the world that they like to see their city connected with the nature in the most unbelievable places.

In an exclusive interview for MetDaan they said:
“Prague is beautiful. But like in any other big city, it also has parts that lack the grace completely. There are many dark and ugly places as well, but there is one thing all hideous places have in common: the lack of green.”


“We remembered there is and underpass near Vltavská metro station It‘s architecture in connection with the river passing by creates an intense atmosphere. Nevertheless, people avoid the place. It’s dark and unfriendly. First, we were wondering, whether we could get some special kind of flowers that would grow in darkness. ” They told MetDaan.

“The deserted tunnel was depressing place to see, so we came up with a way to make it a little cozier”


It didn’t take them long to came up with an awesome idea. They saw how easy it could be.

” We thought; it’s just a few meters. Sunlight travels to the Earth 15 million kilometers. It will be a pity if the journey is wasted. So we decided to use mirrors to transport the light.”

After a serious brainstorming how it should be done because as these artists said, they all understand the laws of physics a bit differently, they made the plan.


” Once the plan was ready, it was a piece of cake. We designed flower pattern to put on mirrors so that it would attract the attention of passersby. The involvement of passersby was essential; the sun moves all the time, so if the sunbeam was to reach the flower, the first mirror had to be in right position to reflect the light correctly.”

The artists made an instruction table by the first mirror. It says: “Move the sun. Reflect a sunlight to the opposite mirror and see what happens.”


“We created three designed mirrors and placed them on the walls of the subway. The measurement had to be perfect, to bring the sunlight…”


They needed two days to finish the installation. “On the first day, we did the measuring, on the second day we mounted the mirrors. We documented everything because we had to remove the installation.”


The light had to reach its final destination, this little flower. The sunbeam created a mesmerizing spectacle, and the dark tunnel was suddenly a great place to be.


These young people say they will be super-happy if someone else gets inspired and does similar action around the world. Like in the most of the European capitals street art is considered illegal in Prague. Therefore these guerilla artists now hope that they will get a legal permission from the city council and to have their installation permanently. So, let’s support them and like what they are doing.


A mirror street-art brings the sunlight into a dark subway. See how it works.



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