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35 Mistakes In Movies That Were Never Edited Out


Everyone makes mistakes. You can strive for perfection all you want, but something will slip right through your fingers. What to do when that happens? Well, if you work in the movie business, you can laugh. Or better yet, we can laugh at you. Seriously, some mistakes in the movies are quite amusing. Did they think that no-one would notice, or they just couldn’t be bothered to fix them? Or was it just an oversight? Dunno, you decide.

Here are 35 bloopers that found their way into the final cut.

1. Spider-Man


When you get new superpowers, it might take you some time to learn to use them properly. So, it’s understandable that Spidey might knock over a lamp while working hard on his web shooting in his bedroom. What is not understandable, though, is how the lamp is magically fixed just a few seconds later.

2. Pretty Woman


There is a scene where Julia Roberts is having breakfast. And she’s holding a croissant in her hands. But then, suddenly, it’s not a croissant anymore – it’s a pancake!

3. Gladiator


This one is a bit more technical. Do you know the origin of the word ‘Spaniard?’ Well, it comes from an old French term and was used for the first time in the 14th century. Which means it couldn’t have been used in the year 180, the time when the events of the Gladiator unfold.

4. The Dark Knight


The Gotham Times should get a new editor. A typo on the headline? Unbelievable!

5. Cast Away


It is already strange finding a FedEx box randomly floating in the ocean. Stranger still, that it’s completely dry!

6. Pulp Fiction


This is one of the most beloved and most often quoted Tarantino movies. However, there is a mistake in this iconic scene! You can see bullet holes in the wall when the shooting hadn’t even started!

7. Lord Of The Rings – The Hobbit


Legolas’s eyes change colour! His eyes are blue throughout the Hobbit franchise, and throughout most of The Lord of the Rings, but in a few scenes you can see his naturally brown eyes.

8. Dallas Buyers Club


This movie is set in 1985. So that particular Lamborghini on the poster couldn’t have existed back then, because it was created in 2011.

9. Dirty Dancing


Betrayed by the gearshift! In the scene where Johnny is “driving,” take a closer look at the gearshift. It’s clear that the car is in park!

10. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows


The fact that Harry has inherited his mother’s eyes is very important part of the story. But apparently not important enough to make sure that the actress playing Lily in the flashback scene has eyes the same colour as Harry. It’s one thing to change his eyes from green to blue, but to have his mother’s eyes be brown?

11. Forrest Gump


Apple only became a public name in 1981. So how was Apple’s famous logo on a letter that Forrest received in 1975, six years previously?

12. Furious 7


In one scene, an explosion sends people flying everywhere but does no damage whatsoever on the windows of a nearby house. Windows Firewall at it’s best…

13. The Princess and the Frog


You’d think it’s more difficult to make a mistake in an animated movie. And you’d be wrong. This artist had forgotten that Tiana was wearing earrings just a few moments earlier.

14. Gladiator


In the world of bloopers, this one you might call a celebrity. You probably already know about the gas canister visible in the scene with the chariot race.

15. Star Wars


Remember that clumsy Stormtrooper who banged his head on the doorframe? Yep, it’s still hilarious! Fun fact: the ‘bump’ noise was removed in the original film, but you can hear it in the remastered version.

16. Jungle Book


There is a scene where it’s supposedly raining, but no-one is getting wet! You can clearly see all the animals and Mowgli – noone is being splashed on at all!

17. Deadpool


In one sequence of the movie, Deadpool’s swords magically appear and disappear a few times. First, he falls in a dumpster without the swords, then he climbs out with them on his back, and afterwards, as he walks to his apartment the swords are gone again!

18. Spy Kids


You gotta be extra careful when you are filming a scene that features mirrors. The best example is this scene from Spy Kids where you can see the camera man’s reflection.

19. Pirates of the Caribbean


This one has been circling on the internet for some time now. It would’ve been funny if Captain Jack Sparrow was sporting an Adidas bandana, but, alas, this one is just fake.

20. The Matrix


Reflections, reflections. Camera, we can see you!

21. Troy


There were no planes in ancient Greece! Or were there? There is a still from Troy where a plane is clearly visible in the sky above Brad Pitt. Or is there? No, there isn’t, because this “mistake” is also fake.

22. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


A camera man is trying to blend in between the Hogwarts students, but he isn’t doing a really good job…

23. Braveheart


Mel Gibson’s character in Braveheart wouldn’t have worn a kilt! He lived in the 13th century and there were no kilts back then. People started to wear them three centuries later!

24. Braveheart


The camera men are not the only unexpected stars of the screen, the crew likes to make an appearance as well. Check out this crew member in a baseball cap in the background!

25. The Lion King


Have you noticed that Nala’s eyes change colour? In one scene they’re blue, in another – green!

26. Rumble in the Bronx


Never having used a stuntman, Jackie Chan has surely suffered lots of injuries throughout his long career. But, in a few scenes of this movie, you can clearly see it: he’s trying to hide the fact that his right foot is in a cast by wearing a sock.

27. American Sniper


That baby was so obviously fake it was hilarious! And Bradley Cooper moving its little arm to make it appear real! Can’t stop laughing!

28. Django Unchained


This wasn’t really a blooper; it was an accident. While filming this scene, Leonardo DiCaprio cut his hand pretty badly – all the blood you see is real. But, he’s such a professional that he didn’t allow a mere flesh wound to ruin the take!

29. The Aviator


In this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio purchases some chocolate chip cookies two or three years before they were actually invented! Well, that’s close enough, don’t you think?

30. Independence Day


This one is probably difficult to notice unless you live in New York. There actually isn’t a long, straight street that leads right up to the Empire State Building.

31. Panic Room


Spoiler alert! Jodie Foster’s character sets some propane on fire in order to escape from the panic room. She isn’t harmed by the flames because she drops on the floor while the propane rises to the ceiling. This wouldn’t really happen, though. Propane is actually heavier than air, so, in reality, it would’ve sunk to the floor.

32. Back to the Future


The guitar that Marty plays in this scene wasn’t released until 1958. The scene takes place in 1955… Well, Marty is a time traveller after all…

33. The Book of Eli


The braille Bible in this movie is wrong. The fact that braille books are thicker and larger than normal books means that the Bible would actually be impossible to carry around. It would be equal to 38 volumes!

34. Titanic


Lake Wassata is an artificial lake created in 1917. So how could Jack mention it in a tale he told in 1912?

35. Saving Private Ryan


In the scene where Captain Miller is resting after being injured in battle, he is leaning on a motorcycle that shouldn’t have existed. In fact, it was released 18 years after the time when the movie was supposed to take place.

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