Look Closer At The Notebook For These 14 Mistakes You Missed

Look Closer At The Notebook For These 14 Mistakes You Definetely Missed


When it comes to romantic movies, The Notebook is always at the top of any list. Released back in June 2004, its the perfect movie for people that want to shed a tear for a romance that can only be seen in movies. And there is the fact that it has one of the most memorable kissing scenes, that even won an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss. But when it comes to men, it’s not their top choice on how to spend a Saturday evening so by the third time you’ve seen it, you start to notice a few mistakes. Soon enough, there is a whole bunch of them, and here are the more obvious ones.

1. Remember that scene when Ryan Gosling is hanging off the Ferris wheel? Well, if you look closely, you can also see his mic hanging on the back of his shirt.


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2. Speaking of the carnival, most of the rides weren’t even invented back in the ’40s (when the movie is set).


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3. To match James Garner’s eye color, Ryan Gosling had to wear brown contacts. But it looks like he missed a scene, and we can all see those bright blue eyes.


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4. South Carolina didn’t have parking meters, which you can see behind the couple, until a few years later.


Source: Home of the Nutty

5. This one is a common movie mistake because a lot of the time the crew forget about the mirrors. In a scene where Allie and her mother are outside of Noah’s home, the reflection in the car mirror holds an image of the crew.


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6. Noah and Allie seem to change positions when they are lying in the street, going from the center to the right-hand lane and back to the center of the road.


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7. Even though you need the perfect earrings for a wedding dress, Allie’s seem to change on their own throughout the scene.


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8. The same goes for her necklace, which appears and disappears when she’s fighting with her parents and Noah.


Source: Home of the Nutty

9. Although hair can get messy really quickly, this one is definitely a movie mistake. Allie’s hair is pinned back and perfectly in place when they are riding in a rowboat but is out of place the moment the sky gets darker (right before the rain).


Source: Home of the Nutty

10. The same rain also seems to ruin her make up, which magically is cleared up once she’s inside with Noah. Her hair is also instantly dry.


Source: Home of the Nutty

11. It’s not only Allie’s hair, Lon’s seemingly changes color at random, going from black to brown while he is waiting for Allie outside of his car.


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12. Even though “I’ll Be Seeing You” by Billie Holiday is considered a classic, that version came out in 1944, four years after that scene takes place.


Source: Express

13. This one is an editors fault. You can Allie say, “This place is gigantic,”, when they sneak into the plantation house, but her mouth doesn’t seem to move until a few seconds after.


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14. The same thing happens on the Ferris wheel. Although she shouts, “Get off me!”, her lips don’t move even though her mouth is open.


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