The Mrs. Doubtfire Cast: Where Are They Now?

Hey, remember Mrs. Doubtfire? That classic comedy from 1993, starring the late Robin Williams, who played the opposite gender; a character based on Alias Madame Doubtfire written by Anne Fine? The movie was directed by Chris Columbus, and it remains a cult classic comedy to this day, with talks of Kevin Hart possibly taking up the starring role should a remake of the movie be put through.

The movie tells the tale of Daniel Hillard who disguises himself as an older British female housekeeper so he can stay in touch with his kids after a divorce. The movie features some big talents of the 90s. You might be wondering though, where are they now?

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Robin Williams

Robin was already famous by appearing in movies like Dead Poets Society, Good Morning Vietnam, Hook and Aladdin. After the huge success of his perfectly played character Mrs. Doubtfire, he continued to dominate the film screens in 1990’s in movies like Jumanji, Patch Adams, Flubber and The Birdcage. In 1998 he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Sean, Will Hunting’s therapist in Good Will Hunting. He still continued to work in the 2000’s in serious films and children’s movies until when he tragically took his life in 2014 at the age of 63.

Sally Field

She also got her start in television on shows like Gidget and The Flying Nun and won an Oscar in 1979’s Norma Rae and 1984’s Places in the Heart. Sally portrayed Miranda Hillard as Daniel’s ex-wife who left him for a more supportive partner, emotionally and financially. She also appeared in successful movies like Lincoln and Forrest Gump since. Currently, she is more focused on comedies like Hello My Name is Doris.


Pierce Brosnan

He played Miranda’s new boyfriend in he movie but was known to the audience for portraying the title role on television’s Remington Steele. Then, he became the new James Bond in 1995’s Goldeneye. After portraying the British spy four times, he has played in musicals, thrillers and action films. Recently, he appeared in AMC’s western drama, The Son. Now he has other projects in the pipeline.


Harvey Fierstein

He was known in theater circles starring in 1988’s Torch Song Trilogy that was based on a play he wrote. Fierstein had won Tony awards for writing, appearing in the Broadway production of the play and for writing the book for the musical La Cage Aux Folles. The role of Frank, Daniel’s gay brother, was a breakout film part for the actor. He also appeared on other movies like Independence Day, Bullets Over Broadway etc. Fierstein continued to work in the theater and writing books for musicals and TV musical productions.


Lisa Jakub

She made her film debut in 1985’s Eleni and then continued to work on television before plying Daniel’s eldest daughter Lydia in Mrs. Doubtfire. Lisa continued acting until she was 22 then retired in 2001. Now, she is an author of two books where she talks about her experience as a child actor and struggles with anxiety and depression.


Matthew Lawrence

He has been an actor actually since he was only four years old appearing on some famous shows like Dynasty and Gimme a Break! before his role as Daniel’s only son in the movie. He is best known for his role as Sean Hunter’s older brother, Jack on the seasons of Boy Meets World. Since then, he appeared in other movies as well as appearing opposite his brother Joey in the sitcom Melissa and Joey.


Mara Wilson

She starred as the youngest daughter in the famous movie but quickly she gained even more fame by playing in the film adaption of Roald Dahl’s Matilda. She took a 12-year hiatus from acting beginning in 2000 and since then has returned to the screen on TV series like Broad City and BoJack Horseman. Now she works as a culture writer, penning articles and plays.


Robert Prosky

He was known as a good character actor thanks to his seasons of Hill Street Blues as Sergeant Stan Jablonski. He played Mr.Lundy in Mrs. Doubtfire, who was the head of a local television station. After the movie he also played in the remake of Miracle on 34th Street and in Dead Man Walking. He passed away in 2008 when he was 77 years old.

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