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A Muggle Harry Potter Chronology That Will Change Your Perception Of The Books


Harry Potter has changed the lives of millions of muggle children and grownups around the world. Getting the initial idea for the books as a struggling single mother on a train ride from Manchester to London in 1990, Joanne K. Rowling is now a billionaire sensation.

Although by now every little detail in the seven installments has been pretty much de-mystified, the years in which the story is set have been less analyzed.

This might be due to the fact that exact years when the story is taking place has never been mentioned. This, however does not mean that the story is not set in a particular time. According to some information such as Dumbledore’s age when he defeated the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald in 1945, as well as some even more obscure data scattered across the books, the years when events took place can be determined with solid accuracy.

Check it out this chronology!

1. Harry Potter was born on the 31st of July, 1980, July 31 – he’s the same age as Kim Kardashian and Ryan Gosling.


2. Harry, Ron and Hermione enrolled in Hogwarts in 1991. Meanwhile in the muggle world the Soviet Union was collapsing while children watched Disney movies and teenagers listened to Nirvana.


Source:YouTube / John Maverick

3. Harry defeated young Tom Riddle in 1992, the year Euro Disneyland opened in Paris, France.


Source:YouTube / dlrpfans

4. When Americans elected Bill Clinton for president in 1992, the young wizards were figuring out who opened the Chamber of Secrets for the first time in fifty years…


Source:YouTube / ShortMovies

5. …while roughly at the same time most of us were watching Jurassic Park.


Source:YouTube / Movieclips Trailer Vault

6. When Harry first heard he had a Godfather at the beginning of his third Hogwarts year in September, 1993, in the muggle world The X Files premiered…


Source:YouTube / The Witch

7. …and at the end of that year when Harry was on the verge of tears for not being allowed to move in with Sirius, us normal children were getting teary eyed with Lion King.


Source:YouTube / Fandisgis

8. Rougly at the same time dial-up internet was becoming available to your average Joe.


Source:YouTube / Geeky Tech

9. While the Triwizard Tournamend was kicking off, the everyday world watched with baited breath what kind of verdict O.J. Simpson would get.


Source:YouTube / DelicatelyDurable

10. At the end of The Goblet of Fire Voldemort was definitely back. In the Muggle world, though, things were a bit more cheery with Cher appearing in Clueless.


Source:YouTube / Paramount Movies

11. While Dumbledore’s Army was practicing, regular kids were already playing Pokémon.


Source:YouTube / ZackScottGames

12. Sabrina the Teenage Witch premiered the September when Harry, Hermione and Ron were starting their sixth year at Hogwarts.


Source:YouTube / Emma Turnbull

13. Another witchy movie was released that year: Matilda and The Craft. At the same time boys were in total euphoria as England hosted the European Championship in football that summer.


Source:YouTube / Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

14. While you were bellowing out the Barbie Girl lyrics in 1997, you had no idea Harry and the gang were facing death constantly while trying to destroy Horcruxes, did you?

muggle 14

Source:YouTube / AquaVEVO

15. 1997 also brought Geri Halliwel’s departure from the Spice Girls – meanwhile in that other world, Harry was trying to figure out where Voldemort had hidden the last pieces of his soul.

muggle 15

Source:Instagram / spicegirlsnet

16. Harry and his friends managed to successfully destroy the Horcruxes and Voldemort in the fall of 1997. Just a few months later, Google came out.

Pity, it would’ve made their search so much easier.



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