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A Simple Solution For Those Boring Multiplication Math Problems


Due to its tedious nature, multiplication is one of the mathematical operations young children often struggle with. If your kid finds multiplication a chore, or if they just love learning new things, here’s a trick you might be grateful for.

Instead of pure memorization, there is a way for a child to visually help itself when multiplying. The trick works for 6*, 7, 8 and 9 times tables, but those are typically the most challenging ones.

Step 1

Starting with the pinkie fingers and working your way to the thumb, number the fingers from 6 through 10.
Then, line up those fingers that correspond to the multiplication that needs to be solved. For instance: when multiplying 7 x 8, line up the numbered finger on each hand representing those numbers. Here’s an example:


Step 2

Here is the best part.

Add up the two lined up fingers and the ones below them. In this example, it would be 5 fingers. This number will be the first number in your result (the number in the 10s column, so here, 5 = 50).


Step 3

Multiply the top fingers on the left hand by the top fingers on the right hand. Here, it would be 3 x 2, equalling 6. This is the second number in the result (the number in the 1s column).

Step 4

Combine the two numbers and you have your answer: 56.


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