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A Mum-Of-One Is Emma Watson’s Doppelgänger


Living on a planet where there are more than 7.5 billion people, the chances of having a doppelgänger are pretty big. In fact some say that there are seven people on the planet who bear a striking resemblance to yourself. Wow!

And of course, celebrities have doppelgängers too. But if you happen to be a Harry Potter fan and are convinced that magic does exist you have to see this Emma Watson look-alike.

Kari Lewis who is an Emma Watson fan, realized her resemblance to the actress after Harry Potter was first premiered.

“I didn’t know who Emma Watson was when I was first spotted at a postal office and a couple of young girls told me I looked like Hermione Granger,” the Indianapolis local said for BuzzFeed. “I had no idea who Hermione was, nor have I ever heard of that name, at the time, since this was when the first Harry Potter film was released. So my mom and I had to look it up and find out who she was.”

On her Instagram posts she challenges her inner Emma Watson style.

This was requested by @emmawatsonlookalikes. #emmawatsonlookalike #celebritydoppelganger #abitsimilar

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She is a mum of one and of course you can tell that she’s not Emma, but it would be more that possible to mistake her for the Hollywood starlet: “Woah. That girl looks just like Emma Watson!”

I’m finally enjoying the outdoors!

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Kari has been a cosplaying as her for a while now and lives in Indianapolis, USA.

When the 10th Doctor meets Hermione.. 😂

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She doesn’t mind getting told she looks like Emma!

“I get told I look like her quite a bit, especially at my job,” Lewis told HuffPost. “My coworkers find it amusing.”


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“I’ve always loved reading books since I first learned how to read, so I think it was inevitable for me to like Harry Potter so much once I started reading it.

“I think it’s super cool because I’ve always related to Hermione in the books (smart, bossy, avid reader, etc). So, it makes cosplaying as Hermione at conventions a thousand times better!”

Ignore my nails, but here’s another photo from the cosplay practice shoot I did the other day.

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Even though the doppelgänger started branching out in other cosplay such as Wonder Woman, she is not going to top this.


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If one of your mates looks like a celebrity, let us know!

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