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This Mom Will Be Forever Grateful To The Stranger Who Helped Her


Every good mom will put the child’s needs before hers. When you have a kid, your whole world revolves around them. Erin Bennett is a mother of four, who will do anything to give her kids all the things they need. One day, while shopping at Target, she found out her items were a little over her budget – so it was pretty logical for her to not buy the scented candle she thought smelled amazing or the latest eyeshadow she had picked out. She is aware that those are not her priorities.

And that is okay.

What she was expecting was people behind her to get mad, because she was holding up the line but to her surprise, exactly the opposite happened.

Later, she posted a message addressing the man who saved the day.


Source: Facebook | Erin Bennett

She was grateful to the man who paid for her makeup and candle saying that he wasn’t aware he was helping her with her postpartum depression by buying her the candle. She will use the candle scent to feel better since the smell of pumpkins helps her to calm down. Or even though he wasn’t aware she has more kids at home it was pretty clear to him how demanding even two kids can be.

She also wrote:

“You didn’t know that this week has been full of sick kids, parent-teacher conferences, emergency dental visits, and I was so looking forward to lighting that candle at nap time and just taking a minute to relax.”


Source: Facebook | Erin Bennett

Erin’s message has been shared more than 2,000 times. People support this selfless act and have the utmost respect for this man.

Erin can’t believe that someone saw her as a human and not just as a mom. People tend to forget how difficult motherhood is. Not this guy.



Source: Facebook | Erin Bennett | Diply

One woman wrote:

“You, Sir, are the good in the world. ”

She said that this guy is an incredible human being who definitely made her week.

The comments on the post are endless, everyone celebrating this great guy.


Source: Facebook | Erin Bennett

So next time you’re in line behind an excausted, drained parent, remember this story.

Have patience and and don’t be grumpy. Someone might be having a worse day than you.

Always be kind to one another and make sure you share this story brought together by diply, so you can inspire other people to be excellent to each other.

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