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Mum Tries To Make A Unicorn Cake And The Result Is Hilarious


A Perth mother, 38, wanted to surprise her 10-year-old daughter with a unicorn birthday cake, she did and she surprised everyone else too. Lucie Dixon left her friends in stitches after sharing photos of her awkward attempt to make a unicorn cake. She just wanted to make her daughter’s wish come true, but was horrified after receiving quotes for more than $240. Therefore, she decided to make the cake herself. Little did she know what the cake would look like in the end.
‘Basically my daughter is vegan and said she wanted a unicorn cake and when I told my husband the prices, he laughed and said “we’d best get baking then”,’ Lucie told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I make good vegan cakes, not so much vegan icing, but we decided we would give it a go by following a recipe.’


She added that her husband helped by making the ears and the horn. But when they put them on the cake, they realized it looked like a penis instead of a unicorn horn.


Lucie cooked up four cakes and assembled them together before everything started to fall apart. After they realized what the cake looked like, she put on the icing, which ended up melting down the sides.
‘We spent a good 30 minutes on the floor laughing about this penis cake we had created.’


Lucie uploaded the disaster cake on Facebook because she wanted to let people know that everything is not as perfect as social media represents and it was damn funny.
‘I am so sick of people filling Facebook up with everyone looking perfect – usually the photos we see are one good photo chosen out of 10 bad ones,’ Lucie explained for DailyMail.


However, it wasn’t all that bad. Lucie soon got a call from a friend who referred them to a cake maker who could fix the dessert they had made.

‘These photos always look amazing but I wanted to show people that you do mess up and it doesn’t matter’.

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Luckily, her daughter ended up loving the cake and everyone was happy in the end.

Lucy is also glad that her photos made someone feel good about themselves. ‘I’m glad I did share the original cake though. Four different people came up to me that my photo had cheered them up’.

Source: Dailymail

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