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Artist Replaced Famous Musicians With Cats On Album Covers And The Results Are Amazing

the kitten covers

We all know that cats rule the Internet. Cats are adorable, cute, warm and fuzzy creatures. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when artists use these cute fur balls in their art.

Digital artist Alfra Martini created the viral Internet phenomenon where cats replace famous musicians in original album art. She is a is a musician who runs a record label and sells vintage posters and one day had the brilliant idea to make famous music albums so much better by replacing the people with adorable kittens.

About how the whole project came to life the artist told Humor in America: ” I was staying home from my day job as a vintage poster dealer, recuperating from a cold and feeling a little restless in bed. Lucky for me, I always have something to do for the record label, regardless of whether I can get out of bed or not, and as we are a very independent DIY outfit, I started researching alternative methods for record distribution on my laptop, i.e. checking out stores who might be interested in carrying our stuff.”

“It’s not the most effective thing, but you have to start somewhere, and I wasn’t about to waste my time sneezing all day. Sifting through online catalog after catalog, well, you revisit some iconic album covers and, if you are like me, you get distracted by the graphics decisions and the exaggerated style of rock iconography. It was then that a vision popped into my head: David Bowie as a kitten.”

So here is what happens when you mix rock n’ roll with cats, courtesy of Bored Panda.
For more amazing covers, visit the official website The Kitten Covers.

1. Madonna or Catdonna


the kitten covers

2. Kitty Joel


the kitten covers

3. David Meowie


the kitten covers

4. Motorcats


the kitten covers

5. Grace Meownes


the kitten covers

6. Pet shop boys


the kitten covers

7. The Strokes


the kitten covers

8. Purr Division


the kitten covers

9. Catvana


the kitten covers

10. The dark side of the cat


the kitten covers

11. Squeeeeen


the kitten covers

12. Kitty O’Connor


the kitten covers

13. Cat Marley


the kitten covers

14. Kitten mode


the kitten covers

15. Kina


the kitten covers

16. Here’s Kittle Richard


the kitten covers

17. Mewrythmics


the kitten covers

18. Iron Caiden


the kitten covers

19. Elvis Meowesley


the kitten covers

20. Fancy & Squee


the kitten covers
Source: Boredpanda

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