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Must To Know Time Saving Beauty Hacks


Admit it or no, its up to you. I am sure it happened to all of us.  We have changed our mind  and made a decision to go out in the last minute.  Our friends are waiting for us while the clock hands are just spinning the time to pass faster and we are late.  Call it Murphy’s law if you like but  something wrong happens always in this kind of situations. There is no need to be disappointed or to give up of going out. We  don’t have time machine to  spin you  two hours back, but  we can help you how to be faster with some time-saving beauty tricks.  If you believe us maybe your friend’s or boyfriend will wait less for you to show up. And we are not going to waste your time.

One very simple trick is to prepare your lips one night before. Its not a joke.  Dark lipsticks and Ombre design are trending in the last few seasons. If you regularly apply dark lipstick you know that the condition of yous lips must be flawless. To have your lips always ready for makeup put coconut balm or cocoa balm on the lips when you go to bed. In the morning you will have smooth and plump lips. You can put your perfect lipstick in no time and you will make you look outstanding all night long.

Never go wrong with your eyeliner.  Its something that is big challenge for beginners. If you are one of them always use hard brush and liquid liner, do not pull out the lid always  put guiding dots. It will be much easier. Practice when you have time. Have fun while doing it.



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