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Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle Solved


After claiming the lives of an estimated 1,000 people in the last century alone, the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle may have finally been solved.


The Bermuda Triangle has been a mysterious and feared area since a lot of planes and ships started disappearing from the beginning of the 20th century. In 1918 a carrier ship , the USS Cyclops set sail with 309 people on board. The fleet was full of heavy cargo , and when it failed to arrive in Baltimore from Barbados, a search team was sent, which found nothing. Two of the Cyclops sister ships had also disappeared. The legend of the Bermuda Triangle deepened after Flight 19 which consisted of five TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers took off from a US Naval Air Station in Florida on a routine training mission and disappeared on December 5, 1945.
But now we may have an answer.
Australian scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki said there is no mystery to solve because the incidents were likely caused by human error, and that according to Lloyds of London and the US coast guard, the number of planes that go missing in the Bermuda Triangle is the same as anywhere else in the world on a percentage basis.


Dr Kruszelnicki who is also the author of The Doctor which is based on his “quest to unearth scientific truths” said there was a simple explanation. He added: ‘ They vanish without a trace then another plane sent out to look with them vanishes,  so some people claimed it must have been aliens’.
But there was one experienced guy, saying that it wasn’t fine weather, there were 15m waves. Dr Kruszelnicki said Flight 19’s leader Lieutenant Charles Taylor was told to go west but instead chose to continue flying east. If you read the radio transcripts some of the junior pilots are saying, ‘Why don’t we fly to the west?’, and the pilot says, ‘Why don’t we fly to the east?’ making this a human error.


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