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8 Mysterious Photos Explained At Long Last


The mind loves to play tricks on us. When it sees something that is somewhat strange, it jumps straight to conclusions. And those conclusions could turn out to be not just wrong, but illogical and nonsensical. There are photos everywhere on the internet that are so confusing, you need to sit down and observe them carefully in order to understand what it is that you are seeing. And sometimes that’s still not enough.

That’s why we offer you this list, compiled by The Chive, providing explanations for photos that have blown our minds. So, let’s put our deerstalkers on, and light our pipes. The game is on.

1. The Case of the Missing Legs


Source: Via Reddit

This one had us so confused. There are six girls on the photo, but only five pairs of legs. Where are the missing legs? Some internet hero used highly advanced software to detect the misplaced limbs. Just kidding, they used MS Paint… Still effective, though.


Source: Via Reddit

So here is the solution to this riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. The girl-circled-in-blue’s legs are basically hidden behind the girl-circled-in-red’s legs. She’s wearing black jeans so they mostly blend in with red girls black jeans and aren’t very visible. The blue jeans we all thought belonged to blue girl, are in fact yellow girl’s legs. Case closed.

2. The Case of the Shining


Source: Via Instagram

Man, those legs are so shiny! Someone was very generous with the application of that oil. Or… are they wrapped really tightly in plastic? Hmm…


Source: Via Instagram

If you thought it was oil, you were wrong. If you thought wrapped in plastic, you were also wrong. It is actually white paint. This is a technique that is often used in paintings and animations: the lines are placed in such a way that our minds instantly think that it’s a trick of the light – it must be a reflection, so those legs are incredibly shiny. Basically, don’t trust what you see…

3. The Case of the Red Strawberries


Source: Via Twitter

Mmm, strawberries. A plateful of yummy strawberries. They’re so fresh and beautiful and so red. Definitely red. Right? Wrong! Believe it or not, there is absolutely no red colour in this photo.


Source: Via Twitter

The proof: here is the palette of all the colours present in the photo. Do you see red? Didn’t think so. But you still think the strawberries are red, and so do I, and so does everybody else. Why? Because of a thing called “Colour Constancy.” The brain is so smart, it knows better than your eyes. The brain knows that strawberries are red, so even if the eyes don’t actually see any red, the brain immediately removes the blue bias from the grey pixels, and it makes us perceive the strawberries as red.

4. The Case of the Ambiguous Cylinders


Source: Via YouTube

Here we have some different kinds of shapes. Some of them are round and others are square. Your brain deceives you yet again.


Source: Via YouTube

If you change your perspective, the shape of the “ambiguous cylinders” changes also. That means that our brain sees a different thing from a different angle. If you see it from one side, it’s a cyllinder, if you see it from another, it’s not. If you would like to see more of this illusion, look up the video on Youtube.

5. The Case of the Disappearing Dots


Source: Via NCBI

This one is a classic optical illusion. There are twelve black dots but it’s impossible to see them all at once. They appear, then disappear, then appear again… It’s insanity!


Source: Via NCBI

It’s really easy to see them once they are highlighted with circles. Now you can see them all at once. So why was the highlighting really necessary? Well, it’s because human peripheral vision is pretty poor. You brain is just guessing what you’re seeing with your peripheral vision. So black dots plus grey lines in the background equals just a blur.

6. The Case Of Just Another Brick In The Wall


Source: Via Facebook

That a nice brick wall you have there. Wait, is that…? Holy Moly!

This is definition of all the “When you see it…” photos you can find on the Internet.


Source: Via Facebook

This wall’s got some bad habits. Doesn’t it know that smoking is bad for your health? Did you see that huge cigar yet? Bet you did now. So why did you miss it the first time you glanced at the photo? Well, because your brain just loves making assumptions: it assumed the end of the cigar was just a rock, and it refused to look at the bigger picture.

7. The Case of the Bubbles


Source: Via Imgur

Is this girl underwater or not, that is the question that had been plaguing the Internet for a long, long time, until we were rescued by some wise dude.


It’s easy to think that the girl is indeed underwater, she has her eyes closed and there are bubbles in front of her face. But, you’d be wrong, yet again. She is not underwater, because her hair isn’t wet, and it isn’t floating, as it would if it were submerged. ore evidence is the splashing of the water by her feet; that wouldn’t happen underwater. So this is just a very good illusion, strengthened by the droplets of water (not bubbles) by her face.

8. The Case of the Café Wall


This is an illusion with a long history. The first time it was mentioned was in 1898 and back then it was called the Kindergarten Illusion. This version of it was provided by Victoria Skye. So, what’s the illusion, you ask? Well, the lines are wonky, obviously. Nope. Actually, the lines appear to be wonky, but are completely straight and parallel to each other.


Source: Via Victoria Skye

We can easily see that when we blur the image. What happened was that the brain got distracted by the details, and was unable to notice that the lines really are straight and that they form a perfect grid.


Source: Via This is insider
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