The Myth Of Prince Charles And Princess Diana's Height Now Viral

The Myth Of Prince Charles And Princess Diana’s Height Now Viral


Philip N. Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland, College Park helped debunk a myth and it’s now going viral!

Namely, it disputes the largely held notion that Prince Charles and Princess Diana were not the same height, i.e that Prince Charles was in fact taller than his spouse!

A portrait of their wedding day is gracing the 1981 House of Commons stamp on which we see Prince Charles looking slightly taller than Princess Dianna.

This photo and a swarm of many more following the same pattern are probably engraved in the collective’s memory by now, making us think on a subconscious level, that Prince Charles was a stout, tall knight!


The matter of fact is, both him and Princess Diana were reported to be the same height, that of 5’ 10” or 1.78m if you prefer.

There is a heavy psychological game at play behind the reasoning as to why they would insist picturing Prince Charles to be taller than Princess Dianna.

Namely, Philip N. Cohen managed to see through the deceitful pattern and wrote an article on it on his blog Family Inequality, published March 19, 2017.

He addressed his tweet of a photo of the stamp with the caption: “They were the same height” that went viral.

“The actual facts are that we don’t know exactly how tall they were,” said Cohen. “Like with popular athletes, the biometric data we have about royalty should be considered suspiciously.”

A Buckingham Palace statement was issued announcing that he was an inch taller.

The Stamps column of the New York Times issued their own take on the matter on July 26.

“The portrait shows the tip of Lady Diana’s head barely reaching up to the Prince’s chin, making him appear virtually a head taller,” read the text.

“Newsmen who had seen the royal couple in public on a number of occasions were baffled because the royal couple they had seen were virtually of equal height.”

Even the tweet has caught fire – this is not the first time Philip N. Cohen had addressed the issue.

“I first raised it in 2010, using the picture of the stamp and others as an example of the taller-man norm,” said Cohen, and his idea was to tackle “the bigger-stronger/smaller-weaker gender dichotomy.”

“In 2013 I returned to the issue, this time with data showing that U.S. men and women sort themselves into couples that exacerbate the existing difference in average height between them.”

It turns out, it’s not only the Royals’ problem!

He discussed the gender power-dynamics of this kind in his textbook The Family.

“The taller husband conjures up images of the protective, dominant man (“Let me reach that for you”) with a nurturing, supportive wife (“Can I fix you a sandwich?”).”

He said that the image of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, a high-profile couple, was needed to push that very idea.

“The idea of women as the weaker sex corresponds to the pattern of male domination in modern society, as symbolized by the muscular male athlete and the taller husband.”


Prince Charles and Princess Diana were pictured together millions of times [Getty]

How was the illusion made possible?
“Although Charles was actually 1 inch taller than Diana, he often looked shorter than her in candid pictures,” said Cohen. “But when they posed for portraits, he usually stood on a box or step.”
Needless to say, people are not keen of this idea, even more less keen of the image itself!


Many of the comments below his tweet were quick to shun upon the whole spin!

“Of course…the guy always has to be taller…Bogart and Bergman,Ladd and Loren…it’s a Rule…” wrote Twitter user (((FTWright))).
@busymamabear wrote: “annoying. Hollywood does this all the time. Why are men so afraid of us tall women? Gah.”
“Control and dominance has many forms so does EGO” added user @KatTalesTV.


It spewed some great laughs as well!

One Mark Boszko asked: “So, he just carried an apple box with him everywhere?”


And an answer he received: “Of course not, he’s Royal, he had a peasant carry an apple box with him everywhere.”

I am glad we had that figured out!

Source: Family Inequality

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