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15 Myths About Hair You All Believe But Are Actually Not True


Taking care of our hair is something we all have to do, regardless of how long or short it is. There are a ton of hair myths out there, though, and we’re all tricked into believing them and we actually do what they say.

It’s time to debunk those myths!

1. Brushing your hair hundreds of times will make it healthier

The idea is to brush natural oils produced by the scalp down into the rest of the hair.


But, in reality, you should brush it when it’s tangled, and don’t overdo it as your hair is delicate and it could lead to breaking.


2. Plucking out gray hair means that two more will grow back

Also not true. If you notice more gray hairs popping up after you pluck, you’re just graying, and there’s not a whole lot you can do.


Source: Instagram | @jason2609ng

It’s also good to know that even though plucking them out doesn’t cause more gray hairs, it’s still not good to do.

Too much plucking can lead to balding, so either embrace it or professionally color it.


Source: Instagram | @noemicara

3. “Stress causes graying”

This is also not true, despite what your parents and friends might make you believe.


Source: Instagram | @bobbiboss_hair

4. Mayo is the best leave-in conditioner

While it is packed with fatty oils, it’s still a better idea to use a professional product that won’t make your hair smell like eggs and vinegar.


Source: Instagram | @peebee_n_j

5. Letting your hair dry on its own isn’t the best idea

When it’s wet for a long time, the insides swell up and get damaged.


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You’re actually supposed to let your hair naturally dry about 70% (figure out how much 70% for your hair length), and then blow dry the rest on the cool setting. Keep it about six inches away from your hair and enjoy those healthy locks!


Source: Instagram | @nadaehyuck

6. Don’t vigorously towel dry your hair

It’s at its most fragile when it’s still wet, and towel drying it causes a lot of damage, so blow dry it on the cool setting while it’s still damp.


7. Products won’t cure split ends

If they split, you cut them. As hard as that may be. While there are some pretty effective products, they are not a permanent cure.


Source: Instagram | @sydalg_seravat2

8. Getting regular haircuts won’t make your hair go faster

Think about it. Your hair grows from the roots. There’s no sense why it would grow longer faster if you cut it regularly.


That said, regular trims still are important to maintain healthy locks, as this gets rid of your split and dry ends, giving it a fuller and healthier look, and it also means that your hairstylist has less work to do the more regular you are.


Source: Instagram | @bethhmartinez

9. Products that claim they can increase the thickness of your locks aren’t worth it

They’re a waste of money as they don’t actually do anything. The thickness entirely depends on what you have in your diet, so make sure it’s full of proteins, carbs and healthy fats.


Source:Instagram | @tatiana_angel

Make sure you’re getting enough iron, zinc, and vitamin D. More time in the sun (don’t forget the SPF) is a great idea.


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10. Your hair won’t grow faster if you let it down while sleeping either

It’s okay to sleep in a ponytail, though you should know that it may cause hair thinning or even loss if it’s too tight. Just make sure it’s a little bit loose.


Source: Instagram | @natybrandova

11. Lemon and vinegar doesn’t give you shinier locks

Decades ago, shampoo was made differently. It was a soap that would leave you with a film, and people used lemons or vinegar to remove this film, making it shinier.

Shampoo has evolved in the present time, meaning it’s pointless to do this with currently available products.


Source: Instructables

12. You don’t shed hair if you shampoo

You’re likely to notice that you’re shedding more in the shower because it collects on the walls and in the drain.

The truth is, no matter what the surroundings may be, we’ll always shed naturally.


Source: Dede Griesbauer

13. Rinsing with cold water after a shower won’t make it shine

As difficult as this may be to accept, all it does is seal your pores and makes you wake up a bit.


14. Hats cause baldness

I don’t think it takes a genius to realize that this is completely not true. While with men, baldness is a genetic trait, a hat doesn’t cause that, instead, a hat will help you because it covers up your balding and thinning!


Source: Instagram | @tim.e.wards

15. Dandruff doesn’t mean you have a dry scalp

An overgrowth of yeast can cause dandruff, thanks to hormones, stress or, ironically, having an oily scalp.


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